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47 Youth Fundraiser Ideas

Youth groups play a pivotal role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow by providing valuable life lessons, fostering friendships, and encouraging personal growth. 

Fundraising not only keeps these vital programs going but also offers an opportunity for creativity, teamwork, and community engagement. Let’s explore some innovative and exciting youth fundraiser ideas to support your youth group’s fundraising goals.

Best Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups

A young girl, wearing the same uniform as a young adult, is carried on the adult's back while both look towards the camera with smiles, participating in a fundraising event.

Themed Fun Run/Walk

The key to good fundraising ideas for youth groups is to keep things fun and engaging! For example, you can host a themed fun run or walk, such as a “Color Run,” “Zombie Chase,” or “Superhero Sprint,” where participants dress up according to the theme. 

Offer different distance options to cater to all ages and fitness levels. Set up registration and promotional efforts online, and reach out to local businesses for sponsorships or to host checkpoints offering water and snacks. 

Up the hype with a post-race celebration featuring music, food vendors, and award presentations for categories like best costume. 

team fundraisers water bottles

Water Bottle Fundraiser

Selling branded reusable water bottles is eco-friendly and practical, tapping into the growing trend of sustainability. Be sure to select bottles that are durable, attractive, and come in a variety of colors. For the most successful water bottle fundraising, branding should ideally include the club’s logo and a catchy slogan that resonates with your group. 

Talented young musician serenading with sign language while strumming a ukulele

Talent Show Extravaganza

A talent show is a way of raising money that gets so many different community groups involved! 

Charge a nominal entry fee for performers and sell tickets to the community for the show. Host auditions to curate a diverse and entertaining lineup, and consider inviting local celebrities or community leaders as judges. Sell refreshments or host a raffle during intermission to boost fundraising efforts. 

Four teens collaborating to crack the code in an escape room challenge

Escape Room Challenge

Create an escape room challenge by designing a series of puzzles and tasks that participants must solve within a set time limit to ‘escape’ from a themed room. Use school classrooms or community spaces that can be transformed into immersive environments with a compelling storyline. Charge teams an entry fee to participate and offer multiple time slots to accommodate a wider range of participants. 

You can even have some creative club members and volunteers to act as characters or guides to enhance the experience.

Pajama Day

Fundraising for youth clubs shouldn’t be stuffy; you can encourage the whole community to let loose a bit! 

Coordinate a pajama day at school or with local businesses where participants can donate a specific amount to “buy” the right to wear their pajamas to school or work for a day. Collaborate with school administration or local business owners to set a date and guidelines for appropriate pajama wear. Offer incentives, such as prizes or recognition for the best, most creative, or group pajama displays, to increase participation. This event is fun and super low effort!

Ice Cream Social

An ice cream social is one of those fundraising ideas that never goes out of summer style. Bring a variety of flavors (including dairy-free options) and a selection of toppings for customization. Charge a set price for bowls or cones, with an additional fee for extra toppings. Enhance the event with outdoor games, music, and entertainment to keep guests engaged. 

Chess enthusiasts strategizing for a charity tournament

Board Game Tournament

This can be an especially fun fundraiser for clubs that specialize in tabletop games. Organize a board game tournament featuring popular games like chess, Scrabble, or Settlers of Catan. Charge an entry fee for individuals or teams, and offer various categories to accommodate different age groups and skill levels. 

Be sure to book a spacious venue with plenty of tables and chairs, such as a school cafeteria or community center. You can create a festive atmosphere with decorations, background music, snacks, and beverages to energize players.

Silent Auction

Organize a silent auction with items and services donated by local businesses, club members, and the community. Items could range from gift baskets and handmade crafts to gift certificates and experiences, such as a day with a local firefighter or a homemade dinner delivered to the winner’s home. 

Display items with detailed descriptions and bidding sheets at a well-attended event, like a school concert or community fair, or host the auction online for wider participation. Keep the bidding competitive by keeping the auction open for a set period and updating participants on bidding wars for popular items. 

Fundraiser Ideas for Band

“Play-It-Forward” Concert 

Like all great band fundraisers, music takes center stage for this one! 

Organize a concert where the high school band performs a repertoire of popular, classical, and movie music. Include a special segment where audience members can request songs for a donation. Market the event to the community, alumni, and families, and offer VIP seating for higher donations. Consider combining the concert with a silent auction of music-related items, like signed memorabilia, music lessons from band members, or even the opportunity to conduct the band for a song.

Instrument Petting Zoo

Host an “Instrument Petting Zoo” for younger children in the community. Set up stations with different instruments from the band where kids can try them out under the guidance of band members. Simply charge a small entry fee for children to participate, and offer informational sessions for parents on starting music lessons, renting instruments, and supporting school music programs. 

youth band harmonizing outside the garage


Conduct a “Band-a-thon” where band members commit to playing their instruments for a continuous, extended period, such as 12 or 24 hours, with breaks only for different sections at a time to ensure the music never stops. 

Prior to the event, band members gather pledges from family, friends, and community members who sponsor them per hour of continuous play. The fundraising event can be livestreamed to reach supporters who cannot attend in person, including alumni or relatives living far away. Integrate interactive elements into the livestream, like live chat, song requests for certain pledge amounts, and real-time updates on funds raised.

Fundraisers for Youth Sports Teams

Guiding a child through essential first aid and CPR techniques

Sports Skills Clinic

Host a sports skills clinic, like a football, baseball, or softball fundraiser, where team members and coaching staff offer personalized coaching. This clinic can cater to different age groups and skill levels, offering sessions on fundamentals, advanced techniques, and team strategies. Charge a registration fee for participants, and provide several hours of instruction, drills, and scrimmages. 

To add value, include a Q&A session with coaches and senior team members, a clinic t-shirt, and a certificate of participation. It’s a great way to both raise money and strengthen community ties while fostering a love for the sport among younger players.

Team Merchandise Sale

Create and sell team-branded merchandise, such as jerseys, hats, water bottles for school, and bumper stickers. Work with local suppliers or online platforms that offer bulk ordering and customization options. Design merchandise that proudly displays the team’s logo, colors, and mascot. 

You can set up an online store or booth at team games and community events to sell these items. Offering exclusive items or limited-time designs can also boost urgency and sales.

Asian woman volunteer, gazing off with a warm smile, embodies dedication and enthusiasm for fundraising efforts.

“Rent-an-Athlete” Service

Offer a “Rent-an-Athlete” service where community members can hire team members for various tasks, such as yard work, car washing, pet sitting, or moving assistance. Set a fixed hourly rate or suggest donations for the services provided. Promote the service through the team’s social media channels, email lists, and local community boards, detailing the range of tasks athletes can help with and how to book their services. 

Be sure to keep things safe and organized by having adult supervision and clear guidelines for the types of jobs accepted.

Match Day Concessions

This is probably one of the most popular ways to raise funds for your youth sports teams, whether it’s football, softball, or cheer

Simply set up concession stands at sporting events or tournaments where your team is hosting. Sell snacks, drinks, and team merchandise to fans and spectators. Items such as hot dogs, popcorn, homemade treats, and branded water bottles are classics! Engage team members and parents in managing the stand and promote the concession stand in advance to ensure a good turnout. 

A group of individuals, including a woman and several men, engaging in plank exercises as part of a fitness challenge.

Sponsored Fitness Challenge

Host a sponsored fitness challenge where team members commit to a specific fitness goal, such as running a certain distance, completing a number of push-ups, or attending a series of fitness classes. 

Encourage participants to seek sponsors from family, friends, and local businesses to pledge a certain amount for reaching their goal.

Church Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Coffee and Bake Sale Sunday

Organizing a coffee and bake sale to coincide with Sunday services is one of the best church fundraising ideas. Here, you can offer homemade cakes, cookies, bread, and fresh coffee to congregation members before and after services. 

Church youth groups can showcase their baking talents, with families contributing their favorite recipes. It’s a great way to foster fellowship among congregation members, encouraging them to linger and socialize, and all for a great cause!

Young people in uniforms participating in a fundraising event, with one person signing a booklet before handing it out.

Community Service Day

This church fundraiser idea is all about helping others. 

Host a Community Service Day where youth group members offer various services such as yard cleaning, minor home repairs, car washes, and more, for a donation to their cause. Prior to the event, youth ministry members can sign up for tasks they’re skilled at or willing to undertake, and church members can book these services in advance. 

Prayer and Promise Cards

Creating and selling beautifully designed Prayer and Promise Cards makes for a great church fundraiser idea. These cards can contain inspirational messages, prayers, or promises from scripture that buyers can keep for themselves or give to others as a form of encouragement. Youth group members can contribute by designing the cards, writing messages, or even personalizing cards on request. 

Water bottle resting on fabric alongside a book and sunglasses, creating a relaxing and leisurely scene.

28 More Great Fundraising Ideas

Here’s a list of some of the most popular fundraising events to help get your creative fundraising ideas flowing!

    1. Eco-Friendly Hydration Station: Boost your club’s funds and the planet’s health by selling stylish, reusable water bottles. It’s a win-win, encouraging hydration and reducing plastic waste, one refill at a time.
    2. Shine and Sparkle Car Wash: Rally the troops and host a bubbly, fun-filled car wash day. It’s a fantastic way for the community to bond, laugh, and leave with gleaming vehicles, all while supporting a great cause.
    3. Cheers and Smiles Video Shoutouts: Offer personalized video shoutouts for any occasion, crafted with love by club members. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, these messages are sure to brighten anyone’s day.
    4. Treasure Trove Community Yard Sale: Transform your clutter into someone else’s treasure with a community-wide yard sale. It’s a day of discovery, with a portion of the proceeds helping to support your youth club’s adventures.
    5. Stride with Pride Sponsored Walk/Run: Lace up for a sponsored walk or run that gets hearts racing for a good cause. Friends, family, and local businesses can pledge support by the mile, making every step count.
    6. Battle of the Brains Trivia Night: Test your knowledge and wit at a trivia night hosted at a local venue. It’s a brain-teasing battle for the ages, with teams competing for the ultimate prize of trivia supremacy.
    7. Handcrafted Happiness Craft Fair: Bring together local artisans and crafty club members for a fair where creativity shines. It’s a marketplace of unique, handmade goods, with proceeds nurturing your club’s future projects.
    8. Cinema Under the Stars Movie Night: Transform an ordinary evening into a magical outdoor movie night. Sell tickets, popcorn, and drinks for a cozy, starlit cinematic experience that brings smiles and support for your cause.
    9. Culinary Creations Cooking Class: Partner with a local chef to offer cooking classes that stir up fun, learning, and delicious dishes. It’s a recipe for success, mixing participation fees with a dash of education and a spoonful of community spirit.
    10. Wear Your Heart on Your Tee T-shirt Sales: Design and sell t-shirts that capture the essence of your club or champion a cause close to your heart. It’s fashion with a purpose, spreading awareness and unity one shirt at a time.
    11. Season’s Greetings Holiday Decorations Sale: Deck the halls and spread cheer with a sale of handmade or donated holiday decorations. It’s a festive way to support your club while making spirits bright.
    12. Lucky Draw Raffle: Excitement is in the air with a raffle featuring prizes from generous local businesses. It’s a chance to win big while supporting a great cause, with every ticket sold bringing hope and help.
    13. Community Champions Sponsorship Drive: Reach out to local businesses for sponsorships, offering them a chance to be heroes in the community spotlight. It’s a partnership that benefits everyone, with their support elevating your events and club materials.
    14. Grow Together Plant Sale: Cultivate joy and funds with a plant sale offering everything from flowers to succulents. It’s a green thumbs-up for your club, with nature’s beauty helping to root your future endeavors in success.
    15. Eco Warriors Recycling Drive: Become champions of the planet with a recycling drive that turns trash into treasure. It’s an eco-friendly initiative that cleans up the community and fills up your club’s coffers.
    16. Groove-a-thon Dance-a-thon: Dance the night away in a marathon that challenges participants to keep moving for pledges. Dance fundraisers are lively, laugh-filled events where the best moves are those made for a good cause.
    17. Book Lovers Unite Book Sale: Open the chapter on an epic book sale where readers can find their next great adventure. It’s a page-turner of an event, with proceeds helping to write the next story of your youth club’s journey.
    18. Capture the Moment Photo Contest: Snap into action with a photo contest that showcases the world through your community’s eyes. Charge a small entry fee and display the captivating entries for all to see, celebrating the art of photography and the beauty of your community.
    19. Sing Your Heart Out Karaoke Night: Let loose and belt out your favorite tunes at a karaoke night that hits all the right notes. It’s a symphony of fun, laughter, and music, with a small entrance fee amplifying the fundraising melody. Encourage everyone from shower singers to aspiring stars to take the stage, making it a night to remember.
    20. Pampered Pets Wash: Roll up your sleeves and offer a pet washing service that leaves furry friends looking spiffy and smelling fresh. It’s a day of suds and smiles, with volunteers from the club getting hands-on to raise funds and maybe even a few tail wags.
    21. Culinary Clash Cook-off: Turn up the heat with a cook-off competition, inviting local chefs and amateur cooks alike to whip up their best dishes. Attendees can taste and vote on their favorites for a small fee, savoring the community’s culinary talents while supporting your club.
    22. Learn and Grow Workshop Series: Offer workshops on photography, gardening, or any skill your club members can share. Charging for attendance not only raises funds but also spreads knowledge and passion, enriching your community’s skills and interests.
    23. Make Cents with Penny Wars: Ignite a friendly rivalry with a Penny Wars competition, where groups or classes battle to collect the most pennies. Sabotage with silver coins makes the game more strategic and fun, turning loose change into valuable support for your club.
    24. Refreshing Lemonade Stand: Quench thirst and meet your fundraising goal with a lemonade stand that offers a sweet escape on hot days. Set up in bustling areas to attract passersby, serving up lemonade and smiles, with every cup poured contributing to your cause.
    25. Year-Round Memories Custom Calendar Sale: Capture the year’s best moments in a custom calendar, featuring club activities, local landscapes, or themed artwork. It’s a timeless fundraiser that keeps on giving, reminding supporters of your club’s impact with each month turned.
    26. Hearty Spaghetti Dinner: Invite the community to twirl their forks at a spaghetti dinner night, serving up plates of pasta with all the fixings. This home-cooked fundraiser brings people together over shared meals and shared goals, with proceeds helping to nurture your club’s future endeavors.
    27. Local Talent Garage Band Concert: Rock out with a concert featuring local garage bands, turning up the volume on fundraising. Charge admission and sell refreshments for a night of music that entertains and supports your club, showcasing the artistic talents within your community.
    28. Worldly Wonders Cultural Festival: Discover and celebrate diversity through food, performances, and crafts. Entry fees and stall rentals weave a tapestry of fundraising and education, enriching your community with the vibrant traditions that make it unique.