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49 Best Cheer Fundraiser Ideas

Two, four, six, eight — these cheer fundraiser ideas are great! Cheer is all about keeping spirits high, but that takes some funding. Here are some of the top cheerleading fundraising ideas to get your community involved and contribute to your local cheer squad. 

A line of cheerleaders with pom-poms , cheering on the sidelines of a football field, their energy contagious.

Sale-Based Fundraisers

Water Bottle Fundraiser

Everyone loves a stylish, practical item like a customized water bottle, especially when it supports their favorite cheerleading team. These bottles can feature your team’s logo or colors and are perfect for health-conscious supporters who like to stay hydrated on the go. 

Spirit Gear Sale

Kick things off with a Spirit Gear Sale! Get creative with items like custom hoodies, pom-poms, and other fun merchandise that flaunts your team’s colors and school spirit. It’s a wonderful way for friends, family, and fans to show their support. Try setting up a booth at local sporting events or school functions to spread the spirit even further!

T-Shirt Sales

T-shirts are a crowd favorite and are always a successful cheerleading fundraiser. Design them with fun slogans or eye-catching graphics that include your cheer team’s name or mascot. These shirts are a fantastic way for supporters to wear their hearts on their sleeves—literally! Make sure to blast your social media with these tees to catch the eye of a wider audience.

Bake Sale

Who can resist the allure of homemade treats? A bake sale is one of the best and most deliciously effective club fundraiser ideas. Get cheerleading team members and their families to whip up some goodies—cookies, brownies, cupcakes—and set up shop at your school or local community center. It’s a sweet way to connect with people and share the joy.

Holiday Decoration Sale

Capture the festive spirit and bring some cheer into the homes of your supporters with a holiday decoration sale. Offer a variety of cheer-themed decorations, such as wreaths, ornaments, and table centerpieces, all adorned with your team’s colors and logos. It’s a heartwarming opportunity for team members to get creative, bonding over crafting sessions to produce these beautiful holiday items.

Custom Cheer Postcards

Imagine the smile on someone’s face when they receive a cheer postcard in the mail! Whether it’s a thank-you note, a holiday greeting, or a good luck charm, these postcards can make anyone’s day a little brighter. Offer a range of designs that capture the spirit and energy of your team and let purchasers add a personal touch to their messages. It’s a simple yet profoundly sweet way to connect and uplift.

Digital Photo Packs

These curated photo collections feature high-quality images of your team—from breathtaking mid-routine snaps to behind-the-scenes laughter. Fans, family, and alumni can purchase these packs to keep as digital keepsakes, reliving thrilling performances and cherished memories anytime they look at them. It’s a modern, eco-friendly way to share your team’s journey and triumphs.

Signature Cheer Bow Sale

Bows are iconic in the cheer community. Sell custom cheer bows that can be personalized with names, team colors, or special glitter and patterns. This can be particularly popular among younger cheerleaders who look up to your squad.

A group of cheerleaders enthusiastically wash cars, splashing water and scrubbing with soapy sponges, showcasing teamwork and enthusiasm.

Event-Based Cheerleading Fundraisers

Car Wash

A car wash is a classic. It’s a fantastic way for the cheer team to roll up their sleeves and shine. Pick a high-traffic location and promote the event ahead of time using flyers and social media. You can even offer extras like interior cleaning for a special donation. It’s time to make a splash!

Charity Performance Night

Imagine a night when your cheerleading team lights up the stage with their routines and stunts. Charge a small entry fee and throw in some extra fun, like raffle tickets or a silent auction. It’s not just about raising money; it’s about showcasing your team’s talent and hard work. Plus, it’s a fantastic evening out for everyone who attends!


Get everyone moving with a dance-a-thon! Participants can gather pledges to dance for hours, and sponsors can donate per hour to dance or give a flat amount. Pump up the volume with great music and even some guest DJ appearances to keep the energy high throughout the event. Not only are dance fundraisers a fun experience, but they get you active!

Movie Night

Host a movie night under the stars or in a cozy auditorium. It’s a perfect way for families and friends to unwind and enjoy some great entertainment while supporting the cheer squad. Offer popcorn, drinks, and other snacks to boost your fundraising.

Fitness Class Fundraiser

Why not share the cheer squad’s energy and fitness routines by organizing classes? Whether it’s yoga, pilates, or cheer-themed workouts, it’s a fantastic way to engage the community in health and wellness. It’s a great showcase of the strength and flexibility cheerleading requires.

Ice Cream Social

An ice cream social is a perfect cooldown cheerleading fundraiser for the warmer months. Partner with a local creamery or set up your own sundae station with all the fixings. Charge a small fee for access, and watch as everyone enjoys their custom creations. It’s a sweet end to any day, especially after a game or during a community gathering.

Cheerleaders, clad in vibrant uniforms, execute synchronized jumps and flips, radiating energy and spirit.

Cheer-Focused Fundraisers

Cheer Clinic 

Host a cheer clinic where your squad can teach younger students the basics of cheerleading, from chants to routines. You can raise money for your current team while also inspiring the next generation of cheerleaders. Plus, it’s a fun day of learning and laughter for everyone involved.


A Stunt-a-Thon can really showcase the athleticism and skill of your cheerleaders. Have team members perform stunts to gather pledges from the audience, who can donate based on the number of stunts or the difficulty level. It’s a thrilling way to engage supporters and demonstrate the hard work that goes into cheerleading.

Cheer Gear Sale

Similar to the spirit gear sale, a cheer gear sale focuses more specifically on items used in cheerleading, like practice outfits, cheer shoes, and specialized accessories. It’s a fantastic way for the local cheer community to grab some gear while supporting the team.

Spirit Rally

Organize a spirit rally that brings together students, families, and community members for a night of school spirit and fun. Charge a small entry fee, and pump up the crowd with performances by your cheer squad, games, and maybe even a guest speaker or two. It’s a wonderful way to boost morale and gather support.

Cheer Performance Night

Plan an evening where your cheerleaders can really shine, performing routines they’ve worked on throughout the year. Combine this with a small admission fee and add extras like refreshments or raffle tickets to maximize fundraising potential. It’s a showcase of talent and team effort!

Cheer Competition

Why not host a local or regional cheer competition? Invite other schools or community teams to participate and charge an entry fee. You can also sell tickets to spectators. It’s a competitive, fun-filled event that brings the cheer community together.

Personalized Cheer Videos

Offer personalized cheer shout-outs or routine videos that can be purchased by friends and family. These videos can be a unique way for the squad to connect with supporters near and far. It’s a modern, digital way to spread cheer and raise funds.

Cheer Calendar Sale

Create and sell calendars featuring your cheerleading squad throughout the year. Include photos from competitions, fundraisers, and team outings. Calendars are a great way to keep your team in the minds of supporters all year long.

Competitive and Creative Events

Karaoke Night

Let your hair down and your voice out with a karaoke night fundraiser. Charge participants an entry fee and open the floor for a friendly singing competition. It’s a relaxed, joyful event that can bring out some surprising talents!

Talent Show

Host a talent show where not only cheerleaders but also other students and community members can showcase their skills. This can range from singing to magic tricks, making it a night of diverse entertainment. Charge an entry fee for performers and tickets for the audience, adding a fun twist to your fundraising efforts.

Trivia Night

Organize a trivia night with categories that could include general knowledge, sports, pop culture, and even school history. Teams can register for a fee, and you can offer prizes to the winners. It’s a brainy way to engage and entertain your community.

Community-Focused Fundraisers

Raffle Tickets

Sell raffle tickets for a chance to win enticing prizes donated by a local business or crafted by team members. This is a simple and effective way to raise money and can easily be incorporated into other events for added excitement. Make sure to advertise the big-ticket items on social media to drum up enthusiasm!

Silent Auction

Host a silent auction with items and services donated by community members and local businesses. This can range from spa days to gift baskets or private cheerleading lessons. It’s a classy way to engage supporters and raise funds, and you can pair it with a gala or dinner to elevate the experience.

Garage Sale

Organize a community garage sale where team members and supporters can donate items they no longer need. This helps declutter homes while also bringing the community together for a day of bargain-hunting. It’s recycling at its best!

Coupon Book Sale

Sell coupon books that offer discounts and deals at local businesses. This fundraising event supports both your team and the local economy, encouraging the community to shop locally while saving money. It’s a win-win situation that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Used Book Sale

A used book sale is a wonderful way to encourage reading and support your team. Collect book donations from students, parents, and community members, then set up a book fair. It’s a low-cost way for people to enjoy new stories, and every purchase brings you closer to your fundraising targets.

Pledge Drive

Conduct a pledge drive where community members can pledge a certain amount of money for every goal the cheer team meets—be it competition wins, community service hours completed, or new routines learned. This keeps the community involved and informed about the team’s progress and achievements.

Sponsored Walk/Run

Organize a sponsored walk or run where participants can gather pledges from friends, family, and local businesses per kilometer or mile completed. This not only promotes health and fitness but also brings the community together for a day of outdoor fun.

Restaurant Partnership Night

Partner with a local restaurant for a night where a portion of the evening’s profits is donated to your cheer squad. This is a delicious way to raise funds, and it gives the community a tasty incentive to support your team. Make sure to promote this event well in advance to pack the house!

Web-Based Cheer Fundraising Ideas

Crowdsourced Cheer Routine

Launch a campaign in which donors can contribute ideas or elements to a new cheer routine. For each donation tier, contributors can choose a move or part of the routine. Once funding is complete, the squad performs the crowdsourced routine in a live-streamed event.

Virtual Cheer Workshop

Host an online cheerleading workshop where participants can learn new routines, stunts, and cheers from the comfort of their homes. Utilize a platform like Zoom or Google Meet and charge a registration fee. This can attract cheer enthusiasts from all over who are looking to improve their skills or just have some fun.

Cheerleading Webinar Series

Create a series of webinars focusing on different aspects of cheerleading, such as fitness, nutrition, choreography, and teamwork. Charge a fee for the entire series or individual sessions. This not only raises funds but also positions your squad as knowledgeable ambassadors of the sport.

Social Media Challenge

Start a social media challenge that encourages participants to post videos of themselves performing a cheer routine. They can then nominate friends and family to do the same or donate to your campaign. Make sure to create a unique hashtag to track participation and spread the word!

Online Merch Store

Set up an online store selling cheer-related merchandise like digital stickers, wallpapers, and personalized shout-out videos from the team. This approach minimizes physical inventory and opens up your fundraising to a global audience.

E-Book of Cheer Techniques

Compile an e-book that includes cheer routines, tips for competitions, and advice on teamwork and leadership. Sell the e-book online as a resource for budding cheerleaders or as a keepsake for alumni and supporters.

Virtual Talent Show

Host a virtual talent show where participants can showcase their skills, from singing to juggling to poetry, all streamed online. Charge a registration fee for participants and allow viewers to vote with their dollars for their favorite acts.

Online Auction

Organize an online auction with items donated by local businesses or crafted by team members. Utilize an auction platform to manage bids and transactions smoothly. This type of event can generate significant funds and excitement without the need for a physical venue.

Streaming Fitness Classes

Offer streaming fitness classes led by cheerleaders or guest instructors. Participants can pay for a single class or a package of classes. It’s a great way to engage a fitness-minded community while promoting the athleticism of cheerleading.

Cheer Fundraisers Students Can Do at School

Locker Decoration Service

Start the school year with a splash by offering a locker decoration service. Students can pay a small fee to have their lockers decked out with fun, stylish, or seasonal themes. It’s a great way to express individuality and foster school spirit right from the start!

Pajama Day Pass

Who doesn’t love the idea of spending a school day in pajamas? Sell passes that allow students to wear pajamas to school for a day. This cozy, fun event is sure to be a hit, and it’s an easy way to raise funds while keeping the school vibe relaxed and cheerful.

Homework Pass Sale

Offer homework passes that students can purchase and use to skip a single homework assignment. Teachers can set specific rules for how these can be redeemed. It’s a practical, coveted item that can bring in a surprising amount of funds!

Teacher Talent Show

Turn the tables and have the teachers perform for the students! Charge admission for an evening where teachers might sing, dance, perform magic, or show other hidden talents. It’s a fun way to see another side of the educators and bond over shared laughter and surprises.

Sponsored Sports Tournament

Organize a sports tournament where students can form teams to play soccer, basketball, or any popular sport at your school. Try and find companies to sponsor the tournament. Charge a team entry fee and sell tickets for spectators. Add a layer of excitement by having teachers or local celebrities participate or coach the teams.

Battle of the Bands

Host a battle of the bands if your school has musically inclined students who want to showcase their talents. Charge bands a small fee to enter the competition and sell tickets for students and family members to watch. Offer prizes for the top bands, which could include recording time or a feature on the school’s website.

Grade-Level Penny Wars

Create a competitive coin drive where each grade tries to collect the most pennies. Set up large containers in a common area for each grade to deposit their coins over a week or month. To add strategy, allow students to add silver coins or bills to other grades’ jars, which count against their total penny count. It’s a playful and engaging way to encourage giving, with proceeds going to a good cause or back-to-school programs.

Start Your Cheer Fundraiser Today

With all of these cheer fundraiser ideas at your disposal, it’s now time to start putting your plan into action. Take the time to choose one of these best cheerleading fundraising ideas you think will best help your cause and be a successful effort to raise money. No matter the fundraising campaign you choose, you’ll be sure to meet your goals.