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27 Home-Run Softball Fundraiser Ideas

Looking for some heavy-hitting softball fundraiser ideas to help out your local team? Whether you’re aiming to raise money for new uniforms, travel expenses for tournaments, or simply want to ensure your team has the best possible equipment, creative fundraising is key. Here’s a list of 27 ways to boost support for your local softball team.

Sport-Specific Softball Fundraising Ideas

These fundraising ideas are about more than just filling your softball team’s coffers — you can get the community involved in your season with softball fundraisers that highlight your team, sportsmanship, and love of the game!

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Water Bottle Fundraiser

A water bottle fundraiser involves designing and selling water bottles emblazoned with your softball team’s logo and colors. These reusable bottles not only promote team spirit but also encourage hydration and sustainability. You can offer them at school events, games, or via an online sales campaign. You can even offer bundle deals or discounts for multiple purchases to further drive sales.


Participants, often team members, get sponsors who pledge a certain amount of money for every foot they hit the ball. All you need is a measurable field, a way to track distances (like a marked measuring tape or a digital rangefinder), and a signup sheet for pledges.

Encourage players to find sponsors among family, friends, and community members. Make the day of the event festive with music, food stands, and even a small awards ceremony for the longest hits.

Skills Workshop

This one is a bit involved since you need to get a venue (like your school softball field) and skilled instructors. These could be team coaches, experienced players, or even local or semi-professional athletes willing to volunteer. Registration fees collected from participants will contribute to your fundraising initiatives. If interest is high enough, you can run multiple sessions of the workshop!

Softball Equipment Swap

This is a great way for local sports teams to both raise money and support sustainability by recycling sports gear. Start by collecting gently used softball equipment from the community, team members, and alumni a few weeks before the event.

Choose a well-trafficked location like your school gym or a community center for the swap. A small entry fee for sellers and a percentage from sales can go towards your team fundraiser. It’s also a great opportunity for newer softball players to gear up affordably.

Home Run Derby

Participants pay an entry fee to compete in the home run derby, hitting softballs to see who can hit the most home runs. You’ll need a suitable field, a pitching machine or pitchers, and a way to measure distances accurately. 

Create a festive vibe with live music, food vendors, and engaging commentators. Ask local businesses for sponsorships or to donate prizes for the winners. You can also divvy up different age and skill divisions to include everyone interested.

Customized Softball Gear Sale

Selling customized softball gear such as gloves, bats, helmets, and even personalized jerseys can be a successful fundraiser. Work with a reputable supplier who offers quality products and customization options. Designs can feature the team’s logo, colors, and the year, for example. To streamline the process, consider pre-orders through an online form or a physical order sheet to avoid overstocking.

Alumni Game

Organize a friendly game between current team members and alumni; charge admission for spectators. This event can be more than just a game — you can add a barbecue, meet-and-greet sessions, and memorabilia sales to ramp up the experience. 

Reach out to alumni well in advance through social media, the school’s alumni association, and direct contacts. To increase turnout, schedule the game during homecoming weekend or another significant school event. 

Team Autograph Session

Host a team autograph session where fans can get autographs from their favorite players on posters or sports equipment. A small fee for autographed items can go directly to your fundraising goals, while photo opportunities with the players can add some hype and attract more participants.

Fantasy Softball League

To join the fantasy softball league, participants pay to enter their teams, and weekly donations can keep the competition lively. Use a reliable online platform, such as a team website, that can manage your league’s logistics, and establish a clear set of rules and scoring methods.

Prizes for the winners can include team merchandise, tickets to games, or donated items and/or services from local businesses, such as your local sports store. 

Softball Camp

Organize a multi-day softball camp for young players and youth softball teams; cover fundamentals like hitting, pitching, fielding, and base running. Proceeds from the registration fees will support your team, and you’ll be building a supportive community around your program. 

This is a great chance for team members and coaching staff to hone their own skills while raising up the next generation of softball players! 

Softball Trivia Night

Compile a list of trivia questions that range from softball rules and history to famous players and record-breaking games. Host the event at a local community center or a supportive restaurant that can host large groups. Teams register and pay an entry fee to participate, with the winning team receiving a prize.

Custom T-shirts

Selling custom T-shirts is a classic! Design T-shirts that capture the essence of your softball team through logos, slogans, or unique graphics. Consider online pre-orders to minimize upfront costs and stay in line with demand. 

You could also set up a booth at high-traffic events or collaborate with local sponsors to display and sell your shirts. Engaging the team in the design process can also foster a sense of pride and ownership, too.

Pledge Drive

A pledge drive is classic and straightforward fundraising for softball teams. Plus, it heightens interest in your team’s performance. 

Begin by setting up a simple online platform where team supporters can register their pledges and track the team’s progress. Outreach is crucial for your softball fundraising campaign, so utilize email, social media, and local media to spread the word. Engaging with local sponsors or match donors can amplify the impact of individual pledges. Celebrate milestones and keep supporters updated on the team’s progress throughout the season to maintain enthusiasm!

Custom Calendars

Create and sell custom calendars featuring team photos, game schedules, and player profiles. These calendars can serve as a year-long reminder of school spirit and community support. 

Begin by organizing a professional photo shoot to capture high-quality images of the team, individual players, and memorable moments from games or events. Work with a reputable printing company to ensure the calendars are of high quality. Plus, make sure to mark important dates and games on the calendar! Consider offering early bird specials or bundle deals to increase sales, especially during the holiday season.

Virtual 5K Run

Organizing a virtual 5K run where entrants pay a registration fee and complete a 5K run in their honor, reporting their times online. This type of event appeals to a wide audience, from competitive runners to other sports teams to casual participants looking to support a good cause. Best of all, it allows participants to support your team from any location at any time that works for them. 

Simply set up a registration portal and provide participants with instructions, including how to track and submit their run. Offering race packets, including numbered bibs, T-shirts, or medals, can level up the experience. 

Fitness Challenge

Participants pay an entry fee to compete in a series of fitness-related activities, which could range from running and jumping to strength and agility challenges. Planning the fitness challenge involves selecting inclusive yet competitive challenges, securing a venue, and organizing event logistics. 

To maximize participation, offer various categories based on age and fitness level. And remember, offering exciting and enticing prizes is a key to maximizing community participation!

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General Fundraising Ideas

Here are some tried-and-true successful fundraisers that are sure to kickstart your fundraising efforts. 

Car Wash

Organize a team car wash in the school parking lot, where team members and volunteers can wash cars for donations. Publicize the event on social media in advance and set up signs on the day of the event to attract drive-by traffic. 

Make sure you have all the soap, sponges, and hoses that you need, blast some upbeat music and get ready to have a blast making money for your softball team!

Talent Show

This is one of the most fun — yet more involved — club fundraising ideas. Charge an entry fee for talent show participants and sell tickets to spectators. You can recruit teachers and local celebrities as judges to add excitement and credibility. 

Make sure that every type of act is welcome, get your whole team involved, and offer prizes for the top performances to increase the hype.

Scratch Cards Fundraiser

Scratch cards are an interactive way for teams to raise money with instant results. Each card has a set number of concealed dots or areas that participants can scratch off to reveal the amount they donate, typically ranging from $1 to $20. 

To kick off this fundraiser, purchase scratch cards designed for fundraising purposes from a reputable supplier. Then, have softball team members approach family, friends, neighbors, and community members; they simply scratch off one or more dots and donate the revealed amount.

Movie Night

Transform the school’s softball field into a movie theater under the stars! Charge admission and sell concessions like popcorn, candy, and drinks to raise funds. 

Before show night, conduct a poll on social media or among students to pick the most popular movie and generate excitement for the event. Make sure you have a large screen, projector, and sound system to wow the audience. 

Sponsorship Drive

First, create a proposal that outlines different levels of sponsorship, detailing the benefits businesses can expect, such as their logo on team uniforms, banners at games, and mentions in school publications. 

Be sure to tailor your approach to highlight how supporting the team can really benefit a local business. Stay professional and gracious throughout the process to build lasting partnerships.

Silent Auction

Host a silent auction with items donated by local businesses, parents, and community members. Items can range from gift certificates and sports memorabilia to unique experiences. Setting up the auction at a school event or online can maximize participation. Provide detailed descriptions and attractive displays for each item to encourage bidding. 

Raffle Tickets

At games or team events, you can sell raffle tickets for the chance to win prizes like gift baskets, electronics, or even game tickets. The most crucial aspect is having awesome prizes. 

Multiple prize levels can encourage more ticket purchases since participants feel they have a greater chance of winning. Just make sure the raffle complies with local regulations, and consider a live drawing to generate excitement.

Penny Wars

In a “penny war,” classes or homerooms compete against each other to see who can collect the most pennies. Each group has a jar for collecting coins, but the twist is that adding silver coins or bills to another group’s jar deducts points (based on the value) from their total. This game encourages strategic thinking and participation across the school. Promoting the competition with daily announcements and visual progress charts can keep the excitement high. 

Yard Sale

For your softball community yard sale, ask for donations of gently used items such as clothing, books, toys, and household goods. Publicize the event well in advance through social media, community bulletin boards, and local newspapers for a large turnout. Plus, you can set up a refreshments or baked goods table for an additional fundraising event. 

Recipe Book

Start your recipe book fundraiser by collecting a wide variety of recipes, including appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. Design the book with engaging visuals, cooking tips, and maybe even stories behind the recipes to add a personal touch. Printing can be done professionally or through affordable online services.

Discount Cards

Discount cards that offer deals and discounts at local businesses make for a win-win fundraiser. These cards can provide holders with exclusive savings at restaurants, shops, and services in the community. 

Begin by partnering with local businesses that are willing to offer discounts to support the team. Go for compelling deals to motivate purchases and get people excited to be involved. Design and print the cards so that the terms and conditions for each offer are clear.

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Start Your Softball Fundraiser Today!

With these softball fundraiser ideas plus the power of community support and the unique talents of your team, achieving your fundraising goals is not just possible — it’s within reach!

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