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17 Fundraiser Ideas for Clubs

When trying to find an effective fundraising idea, creativity and community engagement are crucial. Whether you’re aiming to boost your club’s budget, support a noble cause, or simply bring people together for a good time, the right fundraiser can make all the difference. 

From eco-friendly initiatives like water bottle sales to community-building events, we’ve curated a diverse list to inspire and guide your next fundraising venture. Each idea promises to raise the necessary funds and strengthen the sense of community and club spirit. 

Best Club Fundraising Ideas

Let’s explore these exciting opportunities to find the perfect match for your club’s goals, values, and the community you serve.


1. Water Bottle Fundraiser

Among the top fundraising ideas for clubs is water bottle fundraising. With Lively Bottle’s 19 oz. 8″x 8″ picture-printed custom water bottles, people can stay fashionably hydrated.

With Lively Bottle’s water bottle fundraiser program, we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to your cause, helping your fundraiser succeed while creating a lasting impact on the community.

To have a successful water bottle fundraising campaign, create unique and appealing personalized water bottles that resonate with your community and showcase your club’s mission or cause. Promote your fundraiser through social media, local events, and word-of-mouth to maximize visibility and drive sales.

2. A Mile Walk-A-Thon

A mile walk-a-thon is a fantastic fundraising idea because it brings the community together for a healthy, fun activity while raising money for a good cause.

Here are three tips to make your mile walk successful:

    • Promote Your Fundraiser: Amplify your reach by leveraging social media, local partnerships, and community boards to drum up excitement. A clear, compelling message about the cause will motivate participation.

    • Hydration Stations: Ensure participants’ safety and comfort with well-stocked hydration stations offering water and electrolyte drinks. Strategically place them along the route to keep everyone hydrated and energized.

    • Volunteer Support: Assemble a dedicated team of volunteers to manage registration, guide participants, staff hydration stations, and provide assistance as needed. A well-informed and enthusiastic volunteer team is essential for a seamless event.

3. Bake Sale

A classic and effective fundraising idea, bake sales tap into everyone’s love for homemade treats, offering a wide variety of goodies to attract a large crowd. It’s also cost-effective, as club members or supporters usually donate items, so all sales go directly to your fundraising goal. 

4. Car Wash

A car wash fundraiser is a brilliant way to raise money because it appeals to a basic need — keeping vehicles clean — while providing a service in a fun and engaging way. It’s a hands-on event that club members can get involved in, fostering teamwork and community spirit. It’s also a cost-effective solution.

5. A Used Book Sale

A used book Sale is an eco-friendly fundraiser that not only supports your club but also promotes literacy and recycling. 

Start by collecting gently used books from club members, community donations, and partnering with local businesses or libraries willing to contribute. 

Organize the books by genre or age group to make browsing easier for buyers. 

Set up your sale in a community space or school, pricing books to sell while still offering great value. 

This type of sale can draw in a diverse crowd, from avid readers to bargain hunters, boosting your fundraising efforts.

6. Raffle

A raffle is a thrilling way to fundraise, with the excitement of winning prizes driving ticket sales. 

For sourcing prizes, think outside the box: local businesses are often willing to help by donating goods or services. To sell raffle tickets, use every channel available — social media, word of mouth, and community events — to reach a broad audience. Be mindful of legal considerations, as raffles can be regulated; check to make sure your fundraiser complies with local laws regarding fundraising events. 

Creativity in prize selection can significantly boost interest; consider unique experiences, like a dinner with a local celebrity or a hot air balloon ride, to make your raffle stand out and increase participation.

7. Trivia Night

Planning a trivia night as a fundraiser combines entertainment with competition, creating an engaging event that can draw a crowd. 

To spark interest, start by selecting a theme that appeals to a wide audience, such as general knowledge, sports, movies, history, or pop culture. Organize participants into teams to promote camaraderie and friendly competition.

To raise funds, charge an entry fee for each team and consider selling snacks and drinks during the event. You can also add side contests or raffles to boost fundraising. 

8. Pie Throwing Contest

A pie-throwing contest is an entertaining fundraiser that can draw participants and spectators alike for some good-natured fun. 

Set up a booth or an open area where “victims” — volunteers, popular teachers, local celebrities, or club leaders — can stand or sit behind a protective barrier with only their faces exposed. Use whipped cream or soft, safe-to-throw pies to ensure everyone gets a laugh without any harm. 

For safety, make sure that throwers stand at a reasonable distance to avoid injury and that the area is well-cleared to prevent slips.

To maximize fun and participation, allow people to vote with their donations on who they want to see pied, creating a competitive spirit that encourages more donations and engagement. This event promises loads of laughter and strengthens community bonds while supporting a great cause.

9. Art Show

An art show fundraiser offers a unique blend of culture and community engagement, making it an excellent choice for raising funds.

    • Collaboration with Artists: Partner with a diverse range of local and student artists to ensure a varied collection that appeals to different tastes, enhancing the event’s attractiveness and supporting both the artists and your fundraising goals.

    • Strategic Venue Choice and Atmosphere: Select a venue that complements the art, such as a local gallery or community space, and focus on creating a welcoming and engaging atmosphere that encourages attendees to browse and buy.

    • Effective Promotion and Sales Strategy: Utilize social media, local press, and community networks for promotion, and clearly communicate the cause behind the fundraiser. Offer clear pricing and sales mechanisms for the artwork, ensuring a portion of the proceeds supports your club.

10. Bingo Night

Hosting a bingo night as a fundraiser involves a bit of preparation but promises loads of fun and engagement. 

Start by securing your bingo equipment, including cards, markers, and a number-calling system, which can often be rented or borrowed from community centers. Prizes are key to drawing participants, so gather donations from local businesses or consider small cash prizes for winners. To keep the event fresh and exciting, introduce themed nights like ’80s music bingo or holiday bingo, adding a creative twist that encourages repeat attendance and boosts fundraising potential.

11. Spaghetti Dinner

Organizing a community spaghetti dinner is a fantastic way to bring people together and raise funds for your club. 

Start by planning a simple, delicious menu with spaghetti, a selection of sauces (maybe classic tomato, meaty Bolognese, and a vegetarian option), bread, and salad — rally club members and volunteers to help with cooking, serving, and setting up.

Emphasize the community-building aspect of the event by inviting local musicians for entertainment or organizing small activities that encourage mingling. Remember to offer options for dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free pasta and dairy-free sauce, to ensure everyone can enjoy the meal. This thoughtful planning and inclusivity make for a successful fundraiser and strengthen community bonds.

12. Flower Sales Event

A flower sales event is an excellent fundraiser, particularly when timed with occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Capitalizing on these days not only maximizes sales potential but also taps into the sentimental value of the occasions, making it a heartwarming way for people to support your cause while celebrating their loved ones.

Promote your event with flyers and social media posts, inviting community members to buy flowers from you rather than the local stores. Encourage people to do so by making them aware it will be for a better cause.

Flowers are such a hot commodity around these times; we’re sure this will drive in funds for your club.

13. Auction off Services

Auctioning off services provided by club members or local businesses can be a lucrative fundraising strategy. 

Collect a range of offerings, from professional consultations to personal lessons, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Effective marketing is key to success — create compelling descriptions and use social media and community organizations and networks to spread the word.

14. Fundraising Bracelets

Selling custom bracelets is a straightforward and impactful way to raise funds for your club. Here’s how to be successful:

    • Design with Impact: Create bracelets that visually represent your club’s mission or cause, using colors, logos, or meaningful symbols to make them appealing and meaningful to supporters.

    • Diverse Options: Offer a range of designs and sizes to ensure there’s a bracelet that resonates with everyone, increasing the likelihood of purchase. For example, if selling in October, you can create pink bracelets to support cancer awareness.

    • Strategic Promotion: Use social media, community events, and word-of-mouth to promote the bracelets, highlighting their connection to your cause and the unique story behind them.

15. Custom T-shirts with Your School’s Logo

If you’re fundraising for a club at a school, selling custom T-shirts with that school’s logo is an effective way to raise funds and boost school spirit. This approach supports your specific cause and unites the student body. 

Focus on eye-catching designs that students and staff will be proud to wear, price them affordably to encourage widespread participation, and promote sales at school events and through social media to maximize reach and impact.

16. Cooking Class

Hosting a cooking class with local chefs or talented club members is a unique fundraiser that can draw significant interest. Choose a venue like a school cafeteria or community center kitchen that can accommodate your audience and cooking demonstrations. 

Promote the event through social media, local newspapers, and community boards, highlighting the chefs and the menu to spark excitement. Charge an entry fee and consider selling related items, like recipe books or ingredient kits, to maximize fundraising. This approach raises money and enriches the community with culinary skills.

17. Host a Dodgeball Tournament

Hosting a dodgeball tournament is one of the more exciting fundraising ideas because it’s engaging, promotes teamwork, and appeals to a wide audience. 

For a successful sports tournament, organize teams in advance and charge a registration entry fee to raise funds. Promote the event through social media, local sports clubs, and community announcements to attract participants and spectators. Offer refreshments and merchandise for sale during the event for additional fundraising opportunities, ensuring a fun and active day for everyone involved.

Maximizing Fundraising Success

These 17 fundraiser ideas offer clubs creative and effective ways to engage communities and boost funding. From the simplicity of water bottle sales to the excitement of dodgeball tournaments, each concept provides a unique avenue for raising funds while enhancing community spirit and participation. 

Embrace these ideas, tailor them to your needs, and watch your club’s fundraising efforts soar to new heights.

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