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Add your pictures and text and design your own water bottle.

Choose a water bottle design from our art gallery of local artists.

Customize your water bottle by adding pictures and text to our featured backgrounds.

Personalize it!!!

Custom water bottles with hundreds of background themes - add your name and favorite pictures. Our best-in-USA printing wraps the entire bottle. Insulated and dishwasher-safe. Only $21 including free shipping.
Design Your Own!
Custom water bottles are the perfect gift for everyone - healthy, creative, and reusable and great for the environment. And made in the USA! Insulated and dishwasher-safe. Only $21 including free shipping.
Unique Local Artists
Lively Bottle offers many custom water bottles designed by local artists. Our best-in-USA printing wraps the entire bottle and truly shows-off beautiful art! Insulated and dishwasher-safe. Only $21 including free shipping.
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About Lively Bottle!

Lively Bottle is a family-owned business started and operated in the Chicago area. We produce and sell personalized custom water bottles. We are proud to offer the most beautiful water bottle printing in the USA - our printing wraps the entire bottle and beautifully shows-off photography and art!

Lively custom water bottles are 19 oz, reusable, BPA-free and made in USA. We offer a choice of 8 lids colors. Our bottles and lids are leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. Only $21 each including free shipping. And we require no minimum order quantities - order only one if you'd like!

We Support Local Artists

We support local artists through the sale of our custom water bottles using artist-designed images in our Art Gallery. Our web site also has tools that allow customers to personalize their own images.

We are proud to create American jobs!


60 seconds of ideas for personalized custom water bottles!

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music festival custom water bottles
Music Festival Custom Water Bottles

The season of music festivals is in full swing, and like any other highly anticipated time of year, the buzz of excited energy is all around us. During this particular “holiday” season, excited energy comes in the form of warm weather, the highest of high-rise shorts, and party-filled vacations, all playing to the tune of […] ... read more

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Custom Water Bottles as Gifts

Need a gift for someone who's difficult to shop for? Our gift cards are the perfect solution. Our team of designers is ready to help with larger orders for your organization or team. Ask about our volume discounts!
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