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Add your pictures and text and design your own water bottle.

Choose a water bottle design from our art gallery of local artists.

Customize your water bottle by adding pictures and text to our featured backgrounds.

Custom Water Bottles No Minimum

Save 10% with "November". Personalize your custom water bottles with pictures, art and names. Great $21 gifts for moms, dads, and friends. Discounts and design assistance for groups. Reusable, BPA-free. Made in USA.
Personalized Water Bottles With Pictures
Save 10% with "November". Personalize your custom water bottles with pictures. It’s a great sports water bottle for cycling and the gym – fits in bike cages and cup holders. Double-walled for cold and hot drinks. Reusable. Made in USA. Only $21.
Reusable BPA-Free Water Bottles
Save 10% with "November". Customize your reusable BPA-free water bottles with pictures or your artwork, and personalize with your name. Or select from our Artist Gallery. 19 oz, dishwasher-safe. Unique gifts for only $21.
Custom Water Bottles

About Lively Bottle!

Lively Bottle is family-owned, started and operated in the Chicago area. We produce and sell personalized custom water bottles. We are proud to offer the most beautiful water bottle printing in the USA - our printing wraps inside the entire double-walled bottle and beautifully shows-off your photos and art! Our web site also has tools that allow you to personalize your photo water bottles with pictures.

Lively custom water bottles are 19 oz, reusable, BPA-free, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and made in USA. We offer a choice of 8 lids colors. Only $21 each and always free shipping. And we require no minimum order quantities - order only one if you'd like! And like the finest tumblers, our custom water bottles are great for both cold and hot drinks, including coffee! Lively sports water bottles fit in cup holders, backpacks, bike cages, and small and large hands.


60 seconds of ideas for personalized custom water bottles!

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best reusable water bottles
Best reusable water bottles

What are the 17 things you’ll find in the best reusable water bottles? Great designs, beautiful printing, customization, personalization, fast shipping, free shipping, no minimum order size, BPA-free, made in USA, dishwasher-safe bottles, easy-to-clean lids, easy-open lids, coffee-friendly, fit in cup holders, bike cages and backpacks, leak-proof, kid-friendly, and cost less than $25. For additional […] ... read more

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Custom Water Bottles as Gifts

Need a gift for someone who's difficult to shop for? Our gift cards are the perfect solution. Our team of designers is ready to help with larger orders for your organization or team. Ask about our volume discounts!
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