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Water Bottle Fundraiser

A water bottle fundraiser can help raise money for your cause and build community spirit and brand awareness! At Lively Bottle, we transform your vision into a tangible asset, offering custom-designed water bottles with a 50% return to your group. 

Don’t wait — start your fundraiser today.

How a Lively Bottle Water Bottle Fundraiser Works

Launching a water bottle fundraiser with Lively Bottle transcends traditional fundraising. Our fundraisers offer competitive pricing and creativity, delivering a beloved daily-use product with a twist. 

Lively Bottle donates 50% of the proceeds to your cause, making every fundraiser a campaign and a personal mission for success and impact. 

Step-by-Step Process

To ensure your fundraiser’s success, we’ve streamlined the process into manageable steps, each designed to maximize your water bottle fundraising campaign’s reach and profitability.

Plan Your Fundraiser

Important decisions during this stage include setting goals, start and end dates, and prizes for those selling water bottles.

Design Your Water Bottle

Before diving into the details, let's talk about making your water bottle unique.

Whether it's a photo that tells a story, a piece of art that speaks volumes, a logo that brands your mission, or text that inspires action, your water bottle can be the canvas for your message.

Throughout this process, we are happy to help. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure your bottles come out exactly how you want. Once you’ve settled on the customization, you can upload it directly to our website.

Build a Team

It’s important to have a supporting cast for your fundraiser, as managing all the pieces by yourself could be difficult. Tasks may include promotion, communication, supervising and motivating.

Promote Your Campaign

A well-promoted campaign is a successful one. While we prepare your bottles, it’s your job to promote the campaign.


At the end of your fundraiser, Lively Bottle will ship your custom water bottles within a week.

Examples of Water Bottle Fundraisers

There are many reasons to choose a water bottle fundraiser. And with us, our fundraisers are not just about raising funds; they’re about creating a lasting impact.

Lively Bottle’s water bottle fundraisers are perfect for:

  • Schools
  • School spirit events
  • Sports teams
  • Student art
  • Boy Scout and Girl Scout Group
  • Clubs
  • Corporate events

The good news is that Lively Bottle has done it all! No matter the angle of your fundraiser, we can do it. Our gallery speaks for itself.


Great reviews are always helpful in deciding the best company for your water bottle fundraiser. Check out some reviews from our previous customers!

“We love, love, love Lively Bottle! Fundraiser water bottles are a great way to get art into the world.”

Kathy Gordon Davis

Director of Art and Technology, Mother McAuley High School

 “Gary, thank you so much!! You are absolutely part of our IAEA family!! We so appreciate all you do to make our teachers and students feel special by creating these one-of-a-kind water bottles!”

Sherri Kushner

Conference Chairperson, IAEA

“We have worked with many water bottle suppliers, and hands-down Lively Bottle is the best…their customer service is tremendous.”

Lisa Reck

Director of Marketing, Donner Photographic Inc.

Launch Your Water Bottle Fundraiser with Lively Bottle Today!

Start your fundraiser with Lively Bottle today, where your vision for a meaningful fundraiser becomes a reality. Our team is eager to guide you from conception to fruition, ensuring your unique story is woven into every custom-designed water bottle. 

Contact us to kickstart your campaign, or call us at (708) 420-8128. With Lively Bottle, you’re not just launching a fundraiser; you’re delivering a product that is sustainable, fun, and functional!