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39 Fundraising Ideas With Reusable Custom Water Bottles

Contact owner and design expert [email protected], or (708) 420-8128, to design your fundraiser. Earn 50% ($14.50 per custom water bottle). Great branding for your group with logos, names, your students’ artwork. Forms and money on our website.

How do I set up a Lively Bottle fundraiser?

  • Please contact design expert and owner [email protected] or (708) 420-8128 to set up your fundraiser. He will answer any questions you have, assist with design, and provide a web page for your customers to make a purchase including a description of the purpose of the fundraiser. Click here to read tips on running a successful fundraiser.
  • All purchases are made on our website. We will collect the payments, and at the end of the fundraiser remit 50% to your organization’s authorized contact.
  • The typical sales price is $29 per water bottle, plus $5 to ship direct to your customer. Your organization would receive $14.50 per water bottle.

Lively Bottle custom water bottles are reusable, dishwasher-safe, 19 oz BPA-free water bottles made in the USA by our family business. Lively Bottles are made from 2-walled Tritan plastic, hold hot and cold drinks, and fit small and large hands. They also fit in bike cages, backpacks and cup holders.

Following are two short videos from delighted customers.

This 30 second video explains why high school art director Kathy Gordon Davis loves Lively Bottles with student artwork.
College student Natalie explains that her swim team loves personalized Lively Bottles.

39 Fundraising Ideas With Reusable Custom Water Bottles

Benefits of online fundraisers

  • There are no forms or money collection hassles.
  • We ship direct to your purchasers.

And face it, a reusable, dishwasher-safe personalized water bottle locally made can hold memories forever – when is the last time anyone had lasting passion for popcorn or candy fundraisers?

Contact owner/design expert [email protected] or (708) 420-8128 to start your successful fundraiser – it’s fast and easy.

School Fundraising Ideas

  • Water bottle fundraiser for schools designed with school, team and club logos.
  • Schools build team spirit using water bottles. Water bottles personalized with names are less likely to get lost.
  • Lively water bottles make profitable fundraisers for high school boosters.
  • The theater group in a school can design water bottles using the playbill of the current production.
  • The photography club at your school has lots of content to personalize your organization.
  • A radio station can work with your graphic design students to create an “album cover” fundraiser. It’s a perfect way to brand your school, rather than seeing green squeeze bottles, or single use disposable bottles.
  • School trip to Spain? Why not design water bottles with the itinerary and offer them as a fundraiser to friends and family?

Fundraisers for Sports Teams

  • Sports fundraiser for any team or club – use photos, logos, market to friends and family.
  • Water bottles are a great way to promote team goals – state champs or bust.
  • What team doesn’t need money for uniforms, equipment, travel? Swim teams, volleyball teams, soccer, football, basketball, all good fundraiser recipients. Sailing team – we’ve done that, too.
  • Special Olympics, autism foundations, homeless/unhoused shelters, and other nonprofits, use water bottles as fundraisers to support their missions.
  • Fundraisers with water bottles can defray the cost of summer camp. And thoughtful designs can be appreciated reminders of home.
  • Alumni gatherings are a convenient source of fundraising money.
  • Coaches and club leaders appreciate recognition for their important work. A shoutout to these leaders while also raising money for their programs is a double victory.

Fundraiser For Student Art

  • Art educators use custom water bottles to promote the artwork of their students, while raising money for their programs.
  • An elementary school created a collage of multiple student art images to broaden the appeal of a fundraiser.
  • An art education association designed a 75th anniversary water bottle that was sold by all participating art departments to fund training programs for art teachers.

Unique Fundraising Ideas

  • A horseback therapy organization printed a QR code on a water bottle for quick access to a donation web page.
  • Poetry clubs have run fundraisers promoting award-winner poetry. The 8″ x 8″ surface of Lively Bottle printing provides a large surface.
  • Special events such as pink outs, important games and events including graduation can be make unique fundraisers.
  • Custom water bottles make popular awards. Design a water bottle commemorating championship teams, all-conference nominees and other accomplishments.
  • Does your organization have a sustainability club, or initiative? Lively Bottle is made in USA, reusable and dishwasher-safe, all positives for the environment, unlike water bottles shipped from other continents.
  • Speech pathologists design water bottles with AAC to assist with nonverbal communications.
  • Raising money for a service project? Home building trips have been financially supported in part by water bottle fundraisers. Creative designs include artwork unique to the project or destination.
  • Inspirational quotes are popular. Simple quotes such as “Somebody Loves You” can bring a smile to anyone’s face.
  • People love pictures of cats and dogs. Does your organization provide shelter or support to pets? A custom water bottle with beautiful pictures is a walking advertisement for your group.