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40+ PTA Fundraiser Ideas

Welcome to our treasure trove of PTA fundraising ideas, perfect for any school community aiming to boost their budget while having a blast! Whether you’re looking to spice up your annual events or inject some fresh, innovative activities into your repertoire, we’ve got over 40 creative solutions to keep those funds flowing. From time-tested favorites (hello, bake sale) to novel endeavors, each idea is designed to engage and excite parents, teachers, and students alike. So, let’s rally together and turn these playful proposals into successful school fundraising ideas!

Sales and Services

Water Bottle Fundraiser

Go green and raise green! Selling reusable water bottles can promote environmental consciousness within your school while also raising funds. Start with the guide to water bottle fundraising, then customize the bottles with your school logo and colors to boost school spirit and hydration!

Community Car Wash

Roll up your sleeves and suds up for success! A community car wash is a fantastic way for students and community members to bond while raising money for your school. It’s a hands-on event that brings people together and shines up the neighborhood’s rides.

Raffles, Always

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a good raffle? Gather some exciting prizes from local businesses to encourage community support, and sell tickets for a chance to win. This is a classic way to raise significant funds and engage local businesses.

Personalized Brick Pavers

Leave a lasting impression with personalized brick pavers for your school’s walkways. This fundraiser not only raises money but also allows community members to leave a permanent mark on school grounds.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Service

Capitalize on the holiday season by offering a gift wrapping service; this is best done by a higher grade level. Set up a booth at school or a local mall, and have volunteers wrap gifts in exchange for donations. It’s a festive way to raise funds and help busy shoppers.

Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

Everyone loves popcorn, making it one of the most popular club fundraising ideas! Partner with a gourmet popcorn company to offer a range of flavors that are sure to tantalize taste buds. It’s a delicious way to raise money and a great snack at any school event.

“Rent-a-Worker” Day

Offer a day where community members can ‘rent’ students or volunteers to help with various tasks around the home or business, such as yard work, basic cleaning, or even tech assistance. This service provides real value and builds strong community bonds. Ensure all tasks are age-appropriate and supervised to maintain safety and professionalism.


DIY Workshops

DIY Home Improvement Workshop

Partner with local hardware stores or experts to teach basic home improvement skills. From fixing a leaky faucet to painting techniques, participants can learn a lot while contributing to your PTA funds.

DIY Home Decor Workshop

Tap into the home decor trend by offering a workshop where participants can create their own home accents. From throw pillowcases to wall art, unleash the inner designer in your community members.

DIY Pottery Painting Event

Set up a pottery painting studio for a day! Participants can paint and personalize their pottery, making this a popular and creative fundraising event.

DIY Jewelry-Making Workshop

Beads, wires, and a little bit of flair! A jewelry-making workshop can be a fantastic way to engage participants and offer them a take-home reminder of their contribution to your school.

DIY Terrarium-Building Workshop

Invite participants to design their own mini-ecosystems. This is a great way to raise awareness about the environment while fundraising.

DIY Candle-Making Workshop

Light up your fundraising efforts with a candle-making workshop. It’s a fun, aromatic way to bring people together and create something beautiful and practical.

DIY Soap-Making Workshop

Blend natural ingredients and essential oils for a soap-making session. This workshop can be a hit among all age groups, promoting health and creativity.

DIY Craft Fair

Wrap up your series of DIY workshops with a craft fair where participants can sell their creations. It’s a wonderful culmination that celebrates the community’s creativity and hard work.

Family and Community Events

Dine and Donate Night

Partner with several local restaurants that will donate a percentage of an evening’s earnings to your PTA. It’s a scrumptious opportunity to raise funds while enjoying a night out with family and friends. Tip: Choose popular restaurants among different age groups to maximize participation. For example, a well-loved pizza place for families and a trendy cafe for younger adults.

Community Scavenger Hunt

This is a popular fundraising idea. Set up a scavenger hunt that spans key landmarks throughout your community. Charge a registration fee and design puzzles that incorporate local history or fun facts. Consider having different difficulty levels for families, teens, and adults to increase involvement.

Themed Costume Party

Host an extravagant costume party with a dynamic theme, such as Hollywood glamor or a masquerade ball. Charge admission and run a contest with prizes for the most creative, funniest, and best couple costumes. You can increase funds with other youth fundraiser ideas, like a themed photo booth and a silent auction with donated items.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Clear out those attics and garages and invite the whole neighborhood to do the same at a giant community sale. Charge a small fee for participants to sell their treasures and turn the event into a social gathering with music and homemade treats. It’s a fun way to declutter, discover bargains, and donate to a good cause.

Talent Show

Spotlight the hidden talents within your community with a grand talent show. This is a classic PTA fundraising idea that’s tried and true. Charge participants a fee to showcase their skills, be it singing, dancing, magic, or something utterly unexpected, and sell tickets for those who wish to enjoy the show. Consider a live stream option for distant family and friends to watch and donate.

Parent Prom

Relive high school memories and old-time school spirit with an adults-only Parent Prom. Choose a dreamy theme, hire a DJ, and let parents dance the night away. Ticket sales, coupled with fundraising activities like a silent auction, can significantly boost your PTA funds. Don’t forget the prom photos!

Themed Trivia Night

Engage brains with a themed trivia night that challenges and entertains. Rotate themes to keep the interest high across the community—think anything from Shakespeare to Star Wars. Entry fees per team and snack sales can add up to a successful night of nerdy fun.

5K Fun Run/Walk

Encourage healthy lifestyles with a 5K run or walk that invites all levels of athletes to participate. Themed runs, like a superhero sprint where runners dress as their favorite heroes, can increase participation and fun. Charge for registration, offer sponsorships, and consider adding a small festival with local vendors to draw even larger crowds.

Family Game Night

Convert your school gym or local hall into a gaming paradise for a night. Offer a variety of games—from board games to video games—and charge a small entry fee. This is a great way for families to bond over games and give back to the school. Include a concession stand to keep gamers fueled and ready to play.

Community Storytelling Night

Create an intimate setting where people from your community share stories—heartwarming tales, hilarious mishaps, or incredible life lessons. Charge admission and offer refreshments. This night could turn into a cherished event that strengthens community bonds and supports your school.

Parents’ Night Out Childcare

Provide a night off for parents with secure, fun childcare at the school. Activities could range from movie nights to craft corners, keeping children entertained while parents enjoy some well-deserved downtime. A fixed fee per child can raise considerable funds and offer a valuable service to grateful parents.

Board Game Tournament

Host a tournament with favorites like chess, Monopoly, or even newer games like Catan. Different brackets for various age groups and skill levels ensure everyone can compete. Charge entry fees, and perhaps add a spectator’s snack bar to enhance the experience and raise additional funds.

Storybook Character Parade

Encourage children to dress as their favorite book characters and parade around the school or local park. This event can be paired with a children’s book sale to further promote literacy and raise funds. It’s a visual and vibrant way to celebrate reading and creativity.

Ice Cream Social

Serve up smiles with an ice cream social featuring a range of flavors and toppings. Charge per scoop or offer a flat rate for unlimited tasting. Include contests like “Best Sundae Creation” with local celebrity judges to spice up the event.

Battle of the Bands

Rock out with a local Battle of the Bands, inviting amateur groups to strut their stuff for a good cause. This event isn’t just limited to band fundraisers. Charge admission, and consider selling band merchandise or refreshments. This could easily become an annual highlight that brings the community together for some foot-tapping fun.

Community Karaoke Night

Let your community members shine with a karaoke night. Whether they’re channeling their inner diva or rock star, charge a small fee for each song they perform and for audience members who come to cheer them on. It’s a night of laughs and unforgettable performances that can help hit high notes in fundraising.

Outdoor Movie Screening

Turn a local park or schoolyard into an open-air cinema for a night. Feature a family-friendly film and charge for entry, popcorn, and blankets. This cozy setup is perfect for families and friends to enjoy a classic movie under the stars.

Community Bike Ride

Organize a bike ride that caters to various skill levels, from a relaxed family route to a more challenging course for cycling enthusiasts. Registration fees and support from local businesses as sponsors can turn this into a successful annual event that promotes health, sustainability, and community spirit.

Farm-to-Table Dinner

Host a farm-to-table dinner event, partnering with local farms and culinary schools. Charge a premium for a meal made with locally sourced ingredients and prepared by aspiring chefs. This not only supports your PTA but also promotes local agriculture and culinary talent. For an added touch, organize a tour of the farm to see where the food comes from, deepening the farm-to-fork experience.

Mystery Dinner Theater

Put on a mystery dinner theater event where attendees enjoy a meal while unraveling a mystery play acted out by local theater groups or drama students. Charge for admission and include dinner in the price. This interactive entertainment is perfect for those who enjoy a side of intrigue with their meal.

Heritage Festival

Celebrate the diverse cultures of your community with a heritage festival. Charge for entry, food, and craft booths, and include performances, traditional games, and art displays. This type of event not only raises funds but also enriches the community’s understanding and appreciation of its multicultural makeup.

Guided City Tours

Offer guided tours around your city’s historical sites, famous landmarks, or hidden gems. Charge per participant and have knowledgeable guides—perhaps history teachers or local historians—lead these tours. It’s an educational outing that appeals to both residents and visitors keen on learning more about the area.

Engaging Local Businesses

Coupon Book Collab

Team up with local businesses to create a coupon book that offers discounts and special deals for a variety of services and products. This fundraiser not only supports your school but also drives traffic to local establishments, fostering a thriving community connection. Sell these books to family, friends, and neighbors, and split the proceeds between the PTA and the participating businesses.

Donation Matching

Encourage local businesses to participate in a donation matching program where they match the contributions made by individuals during specific fundraising events or campaigns. This great PTA fundraising idea can effectively double the donations your school receives and shows strong community support from businesses.

Business Sponsorship Packages

Craft a range of sponsorship packages tailored to local businesses, each offering varying levels of visibility and recognition. From having their logos splashed across event promotional materials to exclusive mentions during your PTA events, businesses can choose how they want to be spotlighted. This structured approach helps forge stronger partnerships and ensures both sides benefit from the arrangement.

Online PTA Fundraising Ideas

Virtual Auction

Host a dynamic online auction filled with intriguing items and services donated by local enterprises. This virtual event can create a buzz as participants bid from the comfort of their homes, adding a modern twist to traditional fundraising. Use live streams to showcase items and build excitement, turning the auction into a must-attend online event.

Crowdfunding Campaign

Kickstart a crowdfunding campaign for specific, tangible school projects, like upgrading the science lab or enhancing the children’s playground. Personal stories and clear goals can tug at heartstrings and open wallets. Spread the word across social networks to reach potential donors globally, emphasizing how even small contributions can make a big difference.

Online Merchandise Sales

Launch an online store to sell school-themed merchandise. This virtual shop can be a permanent fixture that regularly contributes to your fundraising goals. From cozy sweatshirts to sleek water bottles, branded items not only raise funds but also build a sense of pride and belonging in the community.

Virtual Talent Show

With a virtual talent show, the stage is digital, and the audience is limitless. Participants can upload their performances, and viewers can vote with their online donations. This format allows for widespread participation and engagement, letting talents shine brightly across the community and beyond.

Online Trivia Night

Coordinate a virtual trivia night, where teams log in from anywhere to answer questions over live video. Charge a registration fee, and for an extra layer of fun, include rounds that feature local history or trivia about your school. This can be a recurring event, keeping the community hooked and eager for the next round.

Virtual Fitness Challenge

Promote a healthy lifestyle with a virtual fitness challenge that participants can join from anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s a month-long step challenge or a weekend of intense workouts, this type of event caters to fitness enthusiasts and casual exercisers alike, all while raising funds.

Online Cookbook Fundraiser

Compile a collection of beloved recipes from your school community into a beautiful digital cookbook. This fundraiser taps into the universal love for good food and the joy of cooking. Sell it online and include cooking demonstrations by local chefs as bonus content to spice up sales.

Virtual Bingo Night

Organize an exciting virtual bingo night where participants buy digital cards and tune in to a live-streamed game night. Up the ante with themed games and special guest callers from the local community. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together for an evening of fun and laughter.

Virtual 5K Run/Walk

Encourage participants to complete a virtual 5K run or walk on their own schedule and track their progress online. This flexible approach allows everyone to join in, regardless of their location or time zone. Offer incentives like online leaderboards and virtual badges to keep participants motivated.

Online Workshops or Webinars

Develop a series of online workshops or webinars led by local experts or business owners on topics ranging from DIY home projects to personal finance. Charge a registration fee as a way to raise funds, and use these sessions to provide valuable knowledge. This also showcases local expertise, further strengthening community ties.

Fundraising That Feels Like Fun

This list of PTA fundraiser ideas offers a variety of creative ways to raise funds while building community bonds. By incorporating engaging activities that range from in-person events to online initiatives, schools can achieve their financial goals while providing enjoyment for all. 

A successful fundraiser not only brings in money for your school but also strengthens the relationship between the PTA, students, parents, and the community at large. Let’s rally together and make these ideas reality, boosting school budgets and fostering lasting memories along the way!