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Music Festival Custom Water Bottles

Custom merchandise has become a staple at music festivals, offering attendees a way to commemorate their experiences with unique, personalized items.

Custom water bottles are a practical accessory and a stylish one. They’re a functional necessity for hydration throughout the event while also allowing festival-goers to express their individuality or show support for their favorite bands.

Benefits of Custom Water Bottles at Music Festivals

You can enjoy many benefits of custom water bottles for music festivals, from sustainability to personalization and convenience. Whether you’re a festival organizer looking to enhance your merchandise lineup or a festival-goer seeking a fashionable yet practical souvenir, custom water bottles are a perfect blend of utility and style.


Environmental consciousness is crucial, and custom water bottles present a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics that are often littered around festival sites. By promoting reusable water bottles, festival organizers can significantly reduce their ecological footprint, aligning with global efforts to combat plastic waste. These bottles appeal to environmentally aware attendees and help festivals enhance their green credentials.


Custom water bottles allow you to showcase your personal style at your favorite music festival. Whether you choose to adorn your bottle with vibrant festival artwork, band logos, or unique patterns, our bottles serve as a canvas for expression.

They also make great keepsakes that remind you of your experiences long after the last set ends. For many, a well-designed water bottle becomes a symbol of your musical taste and a cherished item from your festival.


At the heart of their appeal, custom water bottles offer unmatched convenience. Designed to withstand the rigors of an outdoor event, Lively Bottles are made from durable materials like hardy BPA-free plastic. With features like double-walled insulation to keep drinks cool, secure lids to prevent spills, and an ergonomic loop making carrying easier or attach a carabiner for easy attachment to bags, our water bottles ensure that attendees can stay hydrated and comfortable, no matter how hot the festival gets or how long the day lasts.

Lively Bottles are the
Perfect Choice for Music Festivals

When designing water bottles for music festivals, you must consider both functionality and style. Lively Bottle offers an exceptional range of custom water bottles that are perfect for such vibrant events.

High-Quality Materials

Lively Bottles are crafted from Eastman Tritan plastic, an ultra-durable, BPA-free material known for its clarity and safety, making sure each bottle is safe for users and robust enough to handle the energetic festival environment. The bottles’ two-walled construction enhances their utility, keeping drinks cold or warm for extended periods and preventing condensation—no more wet hands or slippery bottles during your favorite set!

Customization and Functionality

Each Lively Bottle is fully customizable, with a 19-oz capacity and an 8"x 8" space for vibrant, picture-printed designs. This feature allows festival attendees or organizers to upload high-resolution images, logos, or bespoke designs directly onto the bottles, making them fantastic keepsakes or promotional items.

Practical Features

Designed with practicality in mind, Lively Bottles cater to a wide audience. Their ergonomic design fits comfortably in both small and large hands and is compatible with most cup holders, bike cages, and backpacks—ideal for on-the-go hydration. The lids are leak-proof and pop open easily with a thumb, perfect for quick sips between dances or songs.

Furthermore, the bottles are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and replacement lids are available, ensuring longevity and continued use beyond just one festival season.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music Festivals with Lively Bottle!

Lively Bottles embody the ideal blend of style, functionality, and sustainability for music festival goers. With a durable, customizable, and environmentally friendly hydration solution, you can your festival experience.
Choose Lively Bottles for a no-minimum purchase and a memorable, hydrating, and stylish festival experience.