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About Our Company - We Have The Best Custom Water Bottles!

The Lively Bottle story began in 2012, when husband and wife Gary and Lisa Radville wondered, why do Americans purchase in the neighborhood of 50 billion (with a “b”) disposable water bottles annually; worse, why are only 10 billion recycled, and the other 40 billion bottles end up in landfills and oceans and lakes? And why do Americans also purchase tens of billions of bottles of soda and other mostly unhealthy beverages that are making us obese as a country?

Gary and Lisa both were college athletes at Loyola University Chicago – Gary a swimmer and member of the Illinois Water Polo Hall of Fame, and Lisa a two-year basketball player. Our fondest athletic memory, however, may have been finishing as runners-up in the Loyola intramural team badminton championships! We’ve been together quite a while!

We have retained our passions for health and fitness, in the pool and the bike trails and the gym and yoga studios. Additionally, Lisa is a nurse practitioner and has spent her career treating and counseling primarily pediatric patients with health and obesity problems.

So we checked-out the landscape of reusable water bottles, and decided that the pickings were slim – lots of freebie water bottles - we all know the saying “you get what you pay for” - often with some obscure company’s name on them, like the Acme Sports Drink Company. Water bottles from big box stores usually are made-in-China, made-to-leak, often not BPA-free, don’t belong in a dishwasher, and have disappearing lids that can’t be replaced. And some water bottles are bought online with primitive design capabilities and minimum order quantities as high as 100 bottles or more.

So we said, it’s the 21st century, we can do better! We offer personalized custom water bottles that we’re proud to use – as fashion statements. We have fun, design-your-own tools on our web site, and a series of design tutorials. For those who prefer custom water bottles designed by a professional, we have an online Art Gallery that promotes local artists, who are paid when customers buy water bottles using their art. And who decided lids can only be black? We have 8 lids colors, one for each day of the week plus an extra! And we blog about customers and artists and health and sustainability, to get us thinking about creativity and health and the environment.

Our business is family owned, and our product is made entirely in the USA. Our bottles are insulated, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, leak-proof, have no minimum order size, include volume discounts, and shipping is always free.

We hope you’ll give us a try, and contact us if you need help! We have great designers, and want to help with your custom water bottles. We already have thousands of happy customers and we’re adding more every day!

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