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Music Festival Custom Water Bottle

The season of music festivals is in full swing, and like any other highly anticipated time of year, the buzz of excited energy is all around us. During this particular “holiday” season, excited energy comes in the form of warm weather, the highest of high-rise shorts, and party-filled vacations, all playing to the tune of topnotch festival music.

Like any holiday season, festival season follows the same traditions year after year. True music fans return to their favorite festivals hoping to wear the same summery trends, hear the same lineup of their favorite bands and see the same group of their festival-going friends. Not much varies from one year to the next.

Until now. Recent music festivals have revealed a brand new trend: custom water bottle.

The Perfect Pair: Music Festival Custom Water Bottle

The last thing any festival-goer wants when embarking on a beautiful, sunny festival weekend is having that weekend thrown off course. What is one of the most common festival-ruiners? Dehydration.

We get it, disposable water bottles aren’t part of the outfit you spend two weeks planning. Plus, they get smashed inside of backpacks and make the water taste strange when they’ve been out in the sun all day.

The solution? Custom water bottles the next time you go to a music festival!

Top Music Festivals Water Bottle Policies

While all festivals have their own guidelines when it comes to what you can bring into the grounds, most festivals (including Coachella, Bonnaroo and Firefly) strictly prohibit glass water bottles.

While some festivals will allow stainless steel and aluminum bottles through the gates (like Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza), most will turn them away.

Almost all top music festivals will allow empty non-glass, non-metal reusable water bottles or factory sealed disposable bottles into the venue. However, factory sealed bottles are typically limited to one or two per patron.

Strict policies are what make music festivals ideal for custom water bottles. We recommend bringing an insulated, plastic reusable bottle with you and using free water bottle refill stations within the venue to stay hydrated.

Most importantly, make yourself aware of the signs of dehydration and monitor yourself throughout the weekend.

Join the Trend! Music Festival Custom Water Bottle

If you’re an avid festival-goer, take the guesswork out of different water bottle policies and order a designated, festival-approved custom water bottle to come with you to each one.

Lively Bottles are ideal as music festival custom water bottles because they use lightweight, double wall insulation to keep your water cold for hours without weighing down your bag. Plus, they are thin enough to fit comfortably in your hand all day.

Customize your Lively Bottle with your favorite band logo, your initials for easy location or to match your festival threads. Not a designer? No problem. You can browse our art gallery for designs by local artists, or work with a pre-designed theme.

When you’re all finished with your design, choose from eight different lid colors to top off your one-of-a-kind music festival custom water bottle. Now go enjoy the festival with your functional new accessory!

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(Reddit Life Pro Tip – If you must bring disposable water bottles, throw a couple of water bottle caps in your pocket before going to a concert or sports event. They take them off before giving them to you, making them easy to spill.)

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