Do you know where to find the nearest:

  • Starbucks?
  • McDonald’s?
  • Water bottle refill station?

Most of us can find Starbucks or McDonald’s almost blindfolded.

But finding a water bottle filling station….

Loyola University Chicago, the alma mater of Lively Bottle’s founders, is a leader in sustainability practices. Among many initiatives in the Institute of Environmental Sustainability, according to its web site, Loyola is decreasing its campus environmental footprint, making the school one of the most energy efficient campuses in the US.

The new state-of-the-art, LEED certified Institute facility features a greenhouse, aquaponics facilities, biodiesel lab, collaborative research labs and the largest geothermal facility in the Chicago region.
Loyola also has an offsite student-run organic farm and over 70 acres of forest and wetland that serve as outdoor classrooms for learning about nature and practicing land management, conservation, and restoration techniques.

And in 2012 Loyola’s students voted to ban the sale of bottled water on campus!
The students considered the sale of bottled water on campus in conflict with the Jesuit tradition and Loyola’s mission ‘to be in service of humanity through learning, justice and faith’. They also felt that safe and accessible water is a fundamental human right and must not be handled in ways that put profits over people.

Loyola has phased-out bottled water from campus stores, catering and vending machines, and has installed a water bottle refill station at various locations on its main campuses, and has maps on its web site so you can find them! We were happy to keep our Lively Bottle custom water bottle full throughout our visit.

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