student art custom water bottle

“Thank you so much. You have opened a new world for me.”

And Jean’s 90! And all I did was introduce her to Pinterest.

She taught art appreciation at Loyola University Chicago; she opened a new world for me; the world of great artists, and the artist in me.

I invited Jean to lunch to thank her, and let her know that the seed she planted over 30 years ago finally was blooming.

She’s a traveler, author, writer, painter, former nun, widow, Catholic, friend of many, teacher of the illiterate and the blind, founder of the Chicago Children’s Museum, seller of games on the Internet… wow!

During lunch, Jean gave me her book called Playing with God; it is a book of art and inspirational sayings that were last published in 1992. She wondered if the book could be republished, I said “Pinterest”. She no doubt will soon be an active pinner!

A thoughtful page in her book says “See with the eyes of a child. Every child is an artist. The problem is to keep the spark alive as we grow up.”

These are words to live by; Jean sure has!

Bryce Canyon water color painting used for Lively Bottle