Run a successful fundraiser with custom water bottles by following these best practices. Shortcuts, such as sending an email or a social post only, usually don’t work very well. Lively Bottle owner Gary Radville can be reached at [email protected] or (708) 420-8128; he can answer your questions and help design your fundraiser for sucess.

  1. Planning your fundraiser is the first step. Getting buy-in from leadership and the entire organization will improve the results. Important decisions during the planning stage include setting goals, start and end dates, and prizes for those selling water bottles.
  2. Design a beautiful water bottle. We’ll help. Lively water bottles are unique because you are able to customize them for your organization – student artwork, logos, team names, personalization with student names, and inspirational quotes can be considered.
  3. If you are from a school district, Lively custom water bottles make a great fundraiser for high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Define your market. Casting a wide net will generate more money. Click here for recommendations for 39 fundraising ideas with reusable custom water bottles.
  4. Design an awesome prize program.
  5. Build a team. One person usually doesn’t have enough bandwidth to manage all the pieces to a fundraiser. Critical tasks include promotion and communications, and supervising and motivating the student and other sellers.
  6. Lively water bottle fundraisers require no inventory, order forms, cash collection or delivery. And we’ll provide templates for promoting your fundraiser, so many tasks typical of fundraisers are handled by us.
  7. A well organized kickoff with improve your results.
  8. Make sure your existing network is on board. Teachers, staff, local businesses and the school community should receive communications.
  9. Keep motivation high during the fundraiser period, which ideally is one week, and should not exceed two weeks. Thermometer signs throughout the school, social media posts, email, school marquis, website and daily school announcements are great ways to communicate progress.
  10. At the conclusion of the fundraiser, we will ship your custom water bottles in about a week. This is a great time to thank your volunteers and communicate the results.
  11. FAQs:
    • What are typical proceeds returned to my organization? Lively Bottle fundraisers return 50% to your organization. Click here to see our fundraiser calculator. You can earn thousand by following best practices and setting ambitious goals.
    • What makes Lively Bottle fundraisers unique? A healthy fundraiser that encourages drinking more water. Customize your fundraiser with student artwork, logo, inspirational quote, school and team name. Personalize for each student using our website. Order forms and payment are on our website and water bottles are shipped direct to your purchasers. You have no inventory to worry about and no minimum.
    • Please provide information regarding the water bottle. Your water bottle is 19 oz. Tritan 2-walled BPA-free plastic to keep drinks cold and hot (yes, coffee too!) longer. The artwork is sealed permanently between the two bottles to be leak-proof and dishwasher-safe. Your customers can choose their own lid color from our selection.
    • Is there a dedicated specialist to help me? Yes! Owner Gary Radville will walk you through best practices and assist with the design of your water bottle.
    • What do other customers say about Lively Bottle? Follow this link for a short video from a happy customer.
    • Can I receive a free sample? Contact [email protected] or (708) 420-8128 to start your fundraiser. Send Gary your artwork and we’ll send a free sample. Gary will help you plan your fundraiser and is available from start to finish.
    • Where are Lively Bottles made? Our water bottles are assembled and shipped in the Chicago-area using bottles made in the USA.
    • How long does my fundraiser last? One week is recommended. Two weeks is the maximum.