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“WHO lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!” This is the catchy song that is sung at the beginning of the wildly popular cartoon that teaches kiddos about marine life while using cutesy characters like grouchy Squidward, and the lovable but not too bright starfish Patrick. A marine biologist created this show to teach kids marine science. Sponge Bob, the main character, is a square sea sponge who is silly and adorable and indeed lives in a pineapple under the sea. And maybe as no surprise, a Lively Bottle pineapple water bottle that can be personalized is a customer favorite.

Fun Facts About Pineapples

What makes the pineapple so popular? Some interesting history of note:

  • Christopher Columbus brought pineapples back to Europe from his travels to the Americas.
  • The Europeans tried but failed to grow this tropical fruit which requires sun and heat.
  • The cheery yellow color of the fruit and the tropical origin evoke thoughts of summer sun.
  • King Charles in the 1500s received a pineapple for a wedding gift and long before selfies were a thing, he posed with his pineapple and the photo was widely distributed. This led to the pineapple becoming a symbol associated with royalty and the wealthy.
  • During Colonial times in America the pineapple began being used as a sign for “Welcome”.
  • Furniture carvings often have pineapple shapes, especially atop bedposts on four poster beds. Rumor has it that the wooden pineapples on some bedposts “welcomed” guests sleeping at a home, and then could be removed when hosts wanted to indicate that the visit should be over.
  • Pineapples are good sources of magnesium and vitamin C.

Pineapples Are Everywhere

Pineapples just seem to be everywhere; look for them embossed on fashions, incorporated into home decor items, and used on paper goods from paper party napkins to summer food containers. It seems that this sunny yellow fruit image makes people happy. Tropical fruit means hot weather and hot weather means summer. Summer means outdoor parties, graduations, weddings, and lots of big social events.

A trip down store aisles will reveal multiple pineapple items to use in decorating for events. An article about how millennials are decorating their homes reveals that they are filling their spaces with gold pineapples (often metallic ones), flamingos, and small clear lights of various types. People this age are renting and want inexpensive bling to dress up their abodes. They display pineapple wall art, pineapple sculptures and pineapple food serving items at parties. The pineapple craze seems to have become a fashion icon that suggests youth, energy, and fun times!

Join the popular pineapple crowd and drink your daily water from a Lively Bottle pineapple water bottle – add your name, too. Don’t like drinking plain water? How about zinging up your water with a pineapple infusion recipe from the Food Network:

Place 4 cups thinly sliced pineapple (about 1 1/4 pounds), 5 sprigs mint (lightly crushed) and 8 round slices ginger (smashed) in a pitcher. For still-infused water, add 2 quarts of water. For sparkling water, add 1 quart of seltzer during prep and a second quart just before serving. Refrigerate 2 to 4 hours to allow the ingredients to infuse. Stir well and strain, discarding the solids. For serving, add fresh pineapple, mint and ginger for garnish and plenty of ice. The infused water will keep refrigerated for up to 2 days.

Minted water also comforts many stomach problems, and can help with weight loss by keeping a sense of satiation and stimulating the mouth to feel fresh. People who wish to quit smoking should consider drinking the pineapple mint infused water.  And the menthol in mint helps people with asthma as is works to ease congestion in the upper airways and opens bronchial passages that are tight. Mint can ease headaches, particularly migraines, and morning sickness and motion sickness.

Lively Bottle Pineapple Water Bottle 411

Lively custom water bottles no minimum are made in USA using BPA-free Tritan plastic that is dishwasher-safe. Our 19 oz bottles are double-walled to keep drinks cold and hot longer (yep, coffee too!). Lively Bottles fit in cup holders, bike cages, backpacks, and small and large hands. We offer group discounts to businesses, teams and other organizations. Contact our design expert [email protected] so we can help you.

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