photo water bottle school sports dance
  • Huge 8” x 8” full wrap-around print surface, available only at
  • Beautiful digital printing on high quality film
  • Easy-to-use web-based ordering.
  • Drop-shipping available
  • Ships in batches, or direct to customers.
  • Popular with customers resulting in frequent repeat sales.

Preferred by professional photographers

 Why Photo Water Bottle Schools Sports Dance?

  • Professional photographers learn quickly that Lively Bottles often become their most popular product. Sales of more than one thousand bottles in year 1 is not uncommon.
  • A Lively photo water bottle encourages good hydration habits – everyone prefers custom water bottles.
  • A Lively photo water bottle often becomes a favorite with customers, unlike many photo products that are used infrequently.
  • Lively reusable water bottles demonstrate good environmental awareness.
  • Lively school fundraising ideas offer unique ways to raise money. Water bottles designed by student-artists are especially popular.

Why Lively Bottles?

photo water bottle school sports dance
  • Lively Bottles are made-in-USA, and therefore have a lower carbon footprint than imported bottles including all metal bottles.
  • Sanitation of dishwasher-safe Lively Bottles and lids is superior to hand washing, and uses less water.
  • Lively Bottles make great gifts for moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers.
  • Lively Bottles are 2-walled to keep drinks cold and hot longer
  • Lively Bottles are sealed permanently to be leak-proof and dishwasher-safe.
  • Lively Bottles are 19 oz and offer multiple lid color choices.

Are Your Photo Products For Schools and Sports and Dance Loved?

Here is some great feedback from recent Lively Bottle customers:

  • “I love the fact that they are made in U.S.A. and are dishwasher safe.
  • “I love, love, love the water bottle. I showed it to some of the girls and administration. It is sooooo cool.”
  • “Have I mentioned that I love the bottle!!!”
  • “They look fabulous and the kids love them!”
  • “I will be sending you artwork for another one hundred. They were a huge hit!!!”

Ready to get started with a photo water bottle program that students and parents will love?

Contact owner Gary Radville at [email protected] or (708) 420-8128 for assistance and we can get started today!