What’s In a Name? We like to choose everything in our lives – our friends, where we live, our education, our careers, our style – hair, fashion, and so on…but one of the most personal things about us, our name, is a hand-me-down. Yet, way back in the twentieth century, Dale Carnegie said that “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” So our names are very unique to us and help tell our individual stories.

But would you choose your name, given a chance, or are you ok with the name given to you? You’d probably keep it because we grow to love to hear or see our names, don’t we? At this time of year, many of us are searching for unique personalized Valentine’s gifts. Personalized gifts are popular because they are unique gifts that let us show off our names. And a great personalized gift also lets you show off your pictures. And who doesn’t like to see their name attached to a photo? You can show off and share a favorite memory with photos and their name.

For these reasons, personalized Valentines Gifts are very popular:

  • Like our name, our personalized gift belongs to “me”. What you give is truly unique for your loved one.
  • In a world that encourages us to look like everyone else, a personalized gift is an opportunity to be ourselves – no one else shares our name and photo.
  • A personalized Valentines gift can be a unique gift for a friend, as well, that memorializes your bond with that friend.
  • You can personalize gifts with your favorite poems, inspirational quotes, meaningful messages, and just about anything else.

Personalized Valentines Gifts Show You Care

Lively Bottle offers unique personalized custom water bottles that can help give all of the above. Add a picture or two (or more!), a name or message, or both, and in just a few minutes you have created something that will really be appreciated. We will print your design beautifully, and make your insulated, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and leak-proof water bottle. Our custom water bottles always include free shipping and are made in USA. Our water bottles hold 19 ounces, and keep cold drinks cold and are perfect for coffee, too. And they fit in a bike cage, cup holder, and backpack.

Personalized Valentines Gifts that are Good for the Environment too?

And, even better, our personalized Valentines gifts are healthy products that encourage hydration, and at the same time are great for the environment by reducing the number of disposable water bottles ending up in landfills. So your personalized gift will not only be fun and unique, but it’s good for the earth too!

Lively Bottle – Eco-Friendly, Customizable, and Memorable

Want to see how easy it is to customize something special for your loved one this year? Check out this quick video to learn more.

Get started with your design today! The special people in your life will be so impressed with these personalized Valentine’s gifts they’ll be thanking you all year long!