custom water bottle hyggeDate night. It often means booking a table at a romantic restaurant or some other date night outing.  This past year the pandemic kept most people in. 

Enter hygge.  This odd word is pronounced “hyu gah” and it comes from Denmark.  It has become a trendy practice of coziness in the past few years.  The Danish must combat long winters with days of minimal sunlight and to combat the boredom and isolation during these days they practice hygge.  This means embracing comfort.  Think a cozy fleece blanket, a roaring fireplace, a hot mug of steaming coffee.  Fluffy slippers.  Thick robe.  A dog in front of your fireplace.

If you are staying-in, practice some hygge.  Get cozy with a loved one, which can be a partner, a child, a friend, a pet.  Find comfort in being indoors, safe from the chill.  Light candles, maybe scented ones.  Eat satisfying hot food, drink some good red wine.  You get the idea.  Hygge lends itself to intimacy, coziness, comfort and connection.  A slowed down experience to endure the winter season.

Photos of loved ones are a good way to feel the hygge concept anytime without being home with warm creature comforts.  See how you can carry some love with you everywhere you go.  A custom water bottle with a photo of your loving partner, your whole family, or even your pet or your garden can give you that cozy comfort feeling when you are out of your hygge home setting. 

Whether you go out or stay in, bring some calm and coziness into your life by embracing hygge.