floral custom water bottle

During spring and summer especially, we are drawn to flowers. Lively Bottle has a new line of floral custom water bottles. What’s the attraction to flowers?

Flowers make us feel good, they make us happy. The fashion industry is sporting blossoms on all forms of fabric and consumers are buying them up. Cosmopolitan magazine reports “spring and summer fashions are a riot of florals and pastels….” Macy’s clothing ads show bright floral women’s dresses by Tommy Hilfiger and flowery swimwear by Anne Cole. Target stores are featuring floral active wear, pajamas, swimwear, and casual clothing.

The home décor industry is also seeing a rebirth of floral designs. Think everyone is living in homes with all solid gray walls? This neutral trend is being infused with pops of bright and pastel florals on everything from pillow accents to sheets and other bedding. The idea that wallpaper was dead is being turned on its head as floral wallcoverings return with bigger, bolder flower patterns. Better Homes and Gardens is showing large scale floral papers to be used on accent walls to put a pop into neutral wall colors.

Joanna Gaines, the famous farmhouse décor darling from HGTV who has started an empire of décor named Magnolia Home says this, “If you’re having trouble picking out a color pick green because it’s found in nature and is timeless”. This designer who made the term “shiplap” become known to us all likes to put lots of floral touches into the homes she designs along with her husband Chip on “Fixer Upper”. When she stages a house for sale, there are farm girl blossoms everywhere, from faux flowers in vases to pictures of buds in bloom on the walls.

In the Victorian ages (latter half of the 19th century), certain flowers were given to express certain feelings, such as yellow roses expressing friendship, and red roses expressing passionate love. Numerous studies analyze how certain floral colors invoke certain emotions. Playing upon these emotions can guide businesses toward use of specific colors and floral patterns. Empowered by Color explains that knowledge of how color affects your conscious and subconscious mind can change your life. It can inspire you to discover more about yourself and to embrace who you really are. Lively Bottle floral custom water bottles offer many of the color combinations including patterns and lids described in the article.

The Role of Colors

According to Empowered by Color, “magenta (pink) is a combination of red and violet; it combines the passion power and energy of red with the introspection and quiet energy of violet. Magenta is uplifting to our spirits during times of unhappiness, or frustration. The cheerfulness of this color makes people feel more optimistic. It is also the color of the non-conformist, the free spirit. Magenta pushes you to take your own path in life and increases dream activity. It helps make ambitions into reality”. Consider gifting an entrepreneur one of Lively’s magenta floral patterns or get one for yourself to use during any times of funk to raise your spirits. Feeling the need to be more creative? Leave your Lively Bottle at your bedside and see if it stimulates dreaming.

Green is the color most often seen in nature in trees and plants. Hospitals decorate patient spaces in green to induce calmness and healing. Parks and outdoor areas are called “green spaces” for their expanses of lawn. The fresh smell of newly cut grass has been proven to boost mood. The “green movement” in society emphasizes keeping the environment healthy through sustainability measures. Choose green for any gardener or science teacher, and for anyone that loves the outdoors and cares about nature.

Red is an energizing, warm color. Red is associated with romantic love and passion. Restaurants and dining rooms often are decorated red to stimulate appetite. Red fashion including clothing and lipstick shouts “Look at me!”. Popular red flowers include roses, carnations, geraniums, and poppies. Red gifts invoke activity and passion, and create energy. Lively’s red floral custom water bottles are perfect for summer bike rides, outdoor picnic dates, and any other active event. Give a red floral bottle to a mom training for her first race, she’ll appreciate the energy! Give one to a new graduate and tell them to “Go set the world on fire!”

Blue is a cool color hinting of the peaceful, soothing state of the seas and skies. Choose blue to relax, refresh, and slow down. There are very few true blue flowers in nature, but a few common blue posies are delphiniums , bluebells, and forget-me-nots. According to Empowered by Color, blue is the color “of trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty” Ever notice that most nurses wear blue scrubs? Choose blue for a yoga lover, beach-goer, and boater, or anyone who loves the water or wants to relax. Choose blue for your favorite nurse for Nurse’s Day or thank a great nurse after your discharge home.

Orange and yellow suggest citrus fruits, which are fresh and tart and remind us of summer. Yellow is considered the happiest color because it is the color of the sun. Spring daffodils are yellow and are one of the first flowers to break ground after winter. Lemons and pineapples are yellow and seeing these fruits bring tropical places to mind, vacations and relaxation. Orange is a blend of red, an energizing color, and yellow, the sunshine shade, so it is the perfect color to use for any summer outing or vacation. Use Lively Bottle custom water bottles with pineapples to bring to the sunny shore on vacation or give one to anyone who needs some lemony zest in their life.

Floral custom water bottle

Florals are fresh, fashionable and popular. They make us feel good. Why not use your custom water bottle as a vase to display some posies? Their bright splash of color will give you joy, and you don’t need to ever water or weed them like live flowers. Happy spring and summer; live Lively!

Lively Bottle floral custom water bottles are 19 oz double-walled Tritan plastic to keep drinks cold and hot longer, and are dishwasher-safe. Our water  bottles are high quality, BPA-free, leak-proof, made in USA, and fit in cup holders, bike cages, gym bags, and large and small hands. If you’re looking for a great floral custom water bottle, you’re in the right place. Contact our design expert [email protected] for assistance.

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