Thanks to Kizzie for her shout out to Lively Bottle. She said she applied her new “stop, drop and chug” sticker to her Lively Bottle, which is cool. We also could print a slogan permanently inside our leak-proof bottles; we even have a bottle in our product catalog that says “Drink More Water”! Use the personalization tools on our web site and you’ll stand out at the gym!

So what are the health reasons for drinking more water? Our simple summary – water (from the tap) is cheap  and has no calories!

How much water to drink? There are many recommendations, but drinking 64 ounces (a half-gallon) of fluid daily is good advice. That’s 3-4 bottles per day from a Lively Bottle, and you’ll be carrying a fashion statement while you drink! We sometimes sneak a latte into our Lively Bottle for a change of pace!

We just heard a doc on cable say that our brains sometimes can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst, don’t know the science but we can’t drink and eat at the same time, right?

You will drink more water with a custom water bottle. Upload your photo, artwork, text or logo. Contact [email protected] for assistance.