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Earth Day should be every day if we truly care about our environment. An Earth Day theme is “pitch the plastic”. Single-use water bottles cause some of the worst harm to the environment, due in large part to the poor recycling habits of consumers. Lively Bottle custom water bottles are a beautiful and effective alternative to single-use water bottles.

Waterways are teeming with single-use water bottles, causing marine animals to perish after ingesting too much plastic; the colors of the bottles mimic food sources. When fish consume even threads of plastic in the water, humans then ingest plastic when we consume the fish, putting something in our body that doesn’t belong in our diet.

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago IL currently is presenting Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea, a limited-time special exhibition featuring larger-than-life sculptures of aquatic animals, created entirely from plastic beach trash. Art and environment intersect in this display in which artists created various marine animals from discarded single-use water bottles and other items such as flip flops. While the sculptures are creative, they offer pause for thought about consumers’ poor recycling habits.

Custom water bottle Earth Day

A preferred way to eliminate single-use water bottles is a reusable custom water bottle Earth Day. This one small step if taken by the majority of people would spare our planet billions of single-use bottles making their way into waterways each year. 60 million disposable water bottles are used daily in the U.S.A. Only about 23% of these get recycled meaning most go to landfill, though many fall out of trash cans or garbage trucks and make their ways into oceans and lakes. Reusable custom water bottles prevent this pollution, and you can also display your own art or personalize your Lively Bottle.

People are trying to better the environment by driving hybrid cars that use electricity as well as gas to reduce gas use and emissions. Many cities are banning plastic bags, inspiring consumers to bring reusable bags when shopping. Gardeners are using fewer pesticides and are embracing organic fertilizers and pest controls. There are multiple ways that we can work together to help our environment, be healthy and reduce pollution.

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is raising awareness about the issue of marine debris through the #DebrisFree campaign. Marine debris includes anything made by humans that has been lost or discarded into the marine environment: from huge derelict vessels to microplastics smaller than the head of a pin.

And Mother Teresa, not immediately associated with environmental matters said “I only feel angry when I see waste, when I see people throwing away things we could use.” This quote reflects how strongly someone who advocated for the poor felt about the abundance of discarded useful items. Anything that can be used more than once supports the ecologically healthy models of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” What better and easier way to follow these three R’s of ecological promotion than embracing the “reuse” functionality of custom water bottles?

Think about what you might do to make one healthy change of habit to honor Earth Day. Pitch the single-use water bottles and purchase reusable custom water bottles for your group. It will do your soul good and you will proudly carry your contribution to making yourself healthier while making the environment healthier, too.

Lively Custom Water Bottle

Lively Bottle custom water bottles Earth Day are great for the environment. They are reusable, made in USA (which also is good for the environment, since we don’t import water bottles from 7,000 miles away like most water bottle companies), dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and can be personalized using tools our website. We offer free shipping always, and group discounts.

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