Family Business Started by Husband and Wife With Passions for Custom Water Bottles

Gary and Lisa Radville are a husband and wife team dedicated to creating memories with beautiful custom water bottles. While raising four children, now adults, Gary often wondered why there was nowhere to buy beautiful, and personalized, water bottles. Instead, our kitchen cabinets were filled with a wide assortment of ugly water bottles of every size and shape, always made in China and usually missing their lids. And since Gary was a veteran of the food industry, and Lisa a nurse practitioner, water bottle sanitation was very important to us, but water bottles typically were not dishwasher-safe.

We both were Division 1 scholar athletes at Loyola University Chicago where we met – Gary a swimmer and water polo player, and Lisa a pioneer in women’s basketball. So fitness is in our DNA, and water consumption is an integral part of fitness. After graduation we got married, pursued masters’ degrees, and started a family.

Our children share our passion for fitness…

Lively Bottles are of course popular with our family and friends – some of our favorite custom water bottles include:

  • Habitat for Humanity service project
  • Cabo
  • Weddings
  • Teams
  • Horwitz and Associates
  • Katie wedding
  • Wiggles
  • Conagh beach and Mimosa water bottle

Day succeeded day throughout the week. He read, he walked about the streets, and, occasionally, he looked in upon his landlady for the purpose of exchanging a couple of words and drinking some of her excellent coffee.

A Person

So comfortable did she make him that he even thought of giving her a book to read; but when he did so she merely read the headings of a chapter or two, and then returned him the volume, saying that later she would get her little girl to read the work to her. That very day he was to come. Yet three o’clock arrived—four o’clock—and no Oblomov. By half-past five the beauty and the freshness of her features had begun to fade. Insensibly her form assumed a drooping posture, and as she sat at the table her face was pale. Yet no one noticed this. The rest of the guests consumed the dishes which she had prepared for him alone, and carried on a desultory, indifferent chatter of conversation. Until ten o’clock she vacillated between hope and despair. Then, on the arrival of that hour, she withdrew to her room. At first she showered upon his head all the resentment that was seething within her. Not a word of mordant sarcasm in her vocabulary would she not have devoted to his punishing, had he been present. But after a while her mind passed from fierceness to a thought which chilled it like ice.

Meanwhile Olga received unexpected news. This was to the effect that a lawsuit with regard to her property had ended in her favour, and that within a month’s time she would be able, should she wish, to enter into actual possession. But of this, and of her other plans for the future, she decided not to tell Oblomov, but to spend the present hour in dreams of the happiness that was to be hers and his when she had seen love complete its revolution in his apathetic soul, and the slothfulness fall from his shoulders.